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Fashion wear is a set of armor to have a cute look, for example on live events or visiting your neighbors. They do not add any useful stats but the 'good looking' one.

Available formulas[edit]

Available Vendors[edit]

AlistairNew Brommel
Dolly DayNew Koraelia
Sheila JonisBristugo

Available quests[edit]

Quest nameLevelTypeStarts with
Ancient Clothing25CraftingDimman
Bobbing for Apples!0CraftingAutumn
Errand for the Festival Commissioner's Wife0CraftingWife to Commissioner
Gathering Fish Across Istaria0CraftingTorailean
Kalas: A Warning for the Future0ErrandKalas
Special Pants Quest0CraftingGhost of Sammy Specialpants

Available items[edit]

2008 Fall Festival Ancient Helm Head Scale
2008 Fall Festival Bird Head Scale
2008 Fall Festival Cat Masl
2008 Fall Festival Fishing Mask
2008 Fall Festival Myloc Mask
2008 Fall Festival Shark Head Scale
2008 Fall Festival Skull Head Scale
2008 Fall Festival Wolf Mask
Adult Dragon Ghost Costume
Adult Dragon Zombie Costume
Alien Head Scale
Ancient Dragon Ghost Costume
Ancient Zombie Dragon Costume
Bony Head Scale
Butterfly Head Scale
Cat of Cheshire Head Scale
Cat of Cheshire Mask
Celestial Head Scale
Clown Head Scale
Cow Head Scale
Demon Mask
Dragon Mask
Dragon's Winter Scarf
Dryad Female Ghost Costume
Dryad Female Mummy Costume
Dryad Female Zombie Costume
Dryad Male Ghost Costume
Dryad Male Mummy Costume
Dryad Male Zombie Costume
Dryad Skeleton Costume
Dwarf Female Ghost Costume
Dwarf Female Mummy Costume
Dwarf Female Zombie Costume
Dwarf Male Ghost Costume
Dwarf Male Mummy Costume
Dwarf Male Zombie Costume
Dwarf Skeleton Costume
Elf Female Ghost Costume
Elf Female Mummy Costume
Elf Female Zombie Costume
Elf Male Ghost Costume
Elf Male Mummy Costume
Elf Male Zombie Costume
Elf Skeleton Costume
Emerald Celestial Robes
Fall Harvest Mask
Fiend Female Ghost Costume
Fiend Female Mummy Costume
Fiend Female Zombie Costume
Fiend Male Ghost Costume
Fiend Male Mummy Costume
Fiend Male Zombie Costume
Fiend Skeleton Costume
Ghost Head Scale
Ghost Mask
Gnome Female Ghost Costume
Gnome Female Mummy Costume
Gnome Female Zombie Costume
Gnome Male Ghost Costume
Gnome Male Mummy Costume
Gnome Male Zombie Costume
Gnome Skeleton Costume
Gnomekindle Clause Pants
Gnomekindle Clause Shirt
Gnomekindle Festival Official Boots
Gnomekindle Helper Pants
Gnomekindle Helper Shirt
Gold Celestial Robes
Gruok Head Scale
Gruok Mask
Half-Giant Female Ghost Costume
Half-Giant Female Mummy Costume
Half-Giant Female Zombie Costume
Half-Giant Male Ghost Costume
Half-Giant Male Mummy Costume
Half-Giant Male Zombie Costume
Half-Giant Skeleton Costume
Harvest Decorative Headscale
Harvest Shirt
Human Female Ghost Costume
Human Female Mummy Costume
Human Female Zombie Costume
Human Male Ghost Costume
Human Male Mummy Costume
Human Male Zombie Costume
Human Skeleton Costume
Jasper Celestial Robes
Juvenile Dragon Ghost Costume
Juvenile Dragon Zombie Costume
Large Green Stocking
Large Red Stocking
Large Striped Stocking
Madame Butterfly Head Scale
Maggot Mask
Magma Head Scale
Medium Green Stocking
Medium Red Stocking
Medium Striped Stocking
Mika Mask
Nyrevin's Apology Head Scale
Paper Bag Hat: Angry
Paper Bag Hat: Happy
Paper Bag Hat: Plain
Paper Bag Head Scale
Phantom Head Scale
Pumpkin Head Scale
Pumpkin Mask
Red Dragon Mask
Ruby Celestial Robes
Ruxus Mask
Sapphire Celestial Robes
Saris Female Ghost Costume
Saris Female Mummy Costume
Saris Female Zombie Costume
Saris Head Scale
Saris Male Ghost Costume
Saris Male Mummy Costume
Saris Male Zombie Costume
Saris Skeleton Costume
Satyr Female Ghost Costume
Satyr Female Mummy Costume
Satyr Female Zombie Costume
Satyr Male Ghost Costume
Satyr Male Mummy Costume
Satyr Male Zombie Costume
Satyr Skeleton Costume
Scarecrow Head Scale
Scarecrow Mask
Skull Head Scale
Skull Mask
Skunk Head Scale
Small Green Stocking
Small Red Stocking
Small Striped Stocking
Smiles Head Scale
Snowdragon Head Scale
Special Pants (Armor)
Spider Head Scale
Spider Mask
Sslik Ghost Costume
Sslik Mummy Costume
Sslik Zombie Costume
Summer Party Shirt for Women
Summer Work Shirt for Women
Sun Hat
Sun Moon Head Scale
Top Hat
Triclopse Head Scale
Troll Mask
Undead Mika Mask
Very Large Green Stocking
Very Large Red Stocking
Very Large Striped Stocking
Very Small Green Stocking
Very Small Red Stocking
Very Small Striped Stocking
Werewolf Mask
White Rabbit Head Scale
White Rabbit Mask
Winter Coat
Wizard's Hat
Wolf Head Scale
Woodland Head Scale
Zebra Head Scale
Zombie Costume
Zombie Head Scale
Zombie Mask


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