New Koraelia

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New Koraelia
Destination pad: 46012 / 17511
Travel gate: 45990 / 18120
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by:
Coordinates: 46012 / 17511
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New Koraelia was one of the four training islands in Istaria. The "Resort islands" are now used for seasonal events and players like to use them for Role-playing.

NPCs and Creatures[edit]

NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Cashier Blue45,16717,973
Cashier Green45,16717,973
Cashier Orange45,16717,973
Cashier Purple45,16717,973
Cashier Red45,16717,973
Dolly Day45,20817,983
Festival Commissioner45,81017,874
Festival Fireworks Merchant45,93217,260
Festival Food Merchant45,93217,240
Festival Lore Keeper46,01617,548
Festival Raffle Huckster45,94817,271
Fortune Teller45,91317,286
Hermey Misfit Gnome45,19517,945
Hoody WearnsGatherer146,00017,723
Loremaster Burl45,33818,110
Mayor Clause45,19217,901
Maze Keeper45,85717,337
Maze Manager45,96717,144
Mrs Clause45,17617,852
Petting Zoo Keeper46,00917,702
Wife to Commissioner45,85317,886
Yukon Cornelius45,20617,776

Creature NameSchoolRatingXY
The AbominableIce Ogre2444,96717,400
Winter WolfWolf2622,07021,320
Young Winter WolfWolf2045,00017,600

Named CreatureSchoolRatingXY
The AbominableIce Ogre2444,96717,400



Kalas: A Warning for the FutureKalas0
Kalas: A Shadow in the PastKalas0
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination MahagraMayor Clause0
Return for More Dragon TreatsDragon CrafterMrs Clause0
More Sweet Treats for GnomekindleMrs Clause0
Earn Title: A Reel FishermanTed0
It's a Frightening WorldYukon Cornelius0
How Gnomekindle Came To BeLoremaster Burl0
Enchanted Oats0
Natural Ornaments for a Gnomekindle TreeLoremaster Burl0
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination KionMayor Clause0
Earn Title: Apprentice FishermanTed0
Banner DaysHermey Misfit Gnome0
What Happened to Ted?Hoody Wearns0
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination New TrismusMayor Clause0
Traditions of GnomekindleMayor Clause0
Seeking in the MazeMaze Keeper0
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination KirasanctMayor Clause0
Gnomekindle Tree Unbreakable Stone OrnamentsMayor Clause0
The Abominable Snow BeastYukon Cornelius0
Earn Title: FishermanTed0
Kalas: Haunt in the AtticMayor Clause0
The Commissioner's Day OffFestival Commissioner0
Foe To FriendKillian0
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination AughundellMayor Clause0
The Running of the MazeMaze Keeper0
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination DalimondMayor Clause0
Gnomekindle Tree SparkliesMrs Clause0
Hermey The Misfit GnomeHermey Misfit Gnome0
Earn Title: Hooked on Fishin'Ted0
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination SslanisMayor Clause0
Errand for the Festival Commissioner's WifeWife to Commissioner0
Kalas: A Tale for the PresentKalas0
Sweet Treats for GnomekindleMrs Clause0
Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination FeladanMayor Clause0
Metal Decorations on Every Gnomekindle TreeYukon Cornelius0
Mrs Clause's Dragon TreatDragon CrafterMrs Clause0
(Daily) A Race in the SandsCursan Litus1
(Daily) Assistant Zookeeper's TaskZookeeper's Assistant1
Ted's Gone Fishin'Ted80
Ted's AssignmentTed80
Earn Title: The AnglerTed80
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