Gnomekindle Tree Unbreakable Stone Ornaments

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Gnomekindle Tree Unbreakable Stone Ornaments
Type: Adventure
Mayor Clause 
Located at:
New Koraelia 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
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Mayor Clause is concerned that the little gnomes dancing around the tree will break the ornaments. He wants to make ornaments from stone because they'll hold up best. He'll give you Istarian Express Checks in exchange for chunks of stone for making ornaments.

(NOTE: While this quest is active, you have a chance of getting ornaments from the stone golems that you fight. Different levels of golems will give you different colored ornaments.)

Quest text[edit]

Mayor tells you, It is wonderful to see so many coming to Gnomekindle Town to celebrate with us this year. But the poor tree!

Mayor tells you, Do you see how everyone keeps bumping it? And knocking ornaments on the ground? Stepping on them, making just a horrible mess. We need decorations that won't break even in the hands of the most clumsy. Stone ornaments: that's what we need. If you're willing to help, I'll give you an Istarian Express Check.

Mayor tells you, The right kind of stone comes from golems, though, so you will have to hunt them in order to get what is needed. Any stone golems will do, of course. Oh, and you may keep any ornaments you find while you are out there. How's that for a deal? About 50 good size chunks should give the gnomes something to work with.

This has got to be enough to make Mayor Clause happy. Take it back to him and see if he'll reward you..

Mayor tells you, Ah, you have the stone. Good, good. These will be strong enough to hold together in even the hands of the littlest gnomes. Here, take these and use them to buy yourself something nice from Dolly.

You have received 5 Istarian Express Check.


  • Talk to Mayor Clause.
  • Mayor Clause has sent you out to gather chunks of stone for making ornaments. You can gather the stone from any stone golem in Istaria except the Travertine ones. He's even agreed to let you keep any ornaments you find while gathering.
  • Take the stone chunks back to Mayor Clause so he can have his decorations made.

Target mobs[edit]