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Istaria: what is it all about?

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Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Virtrium, LLC. It has been released in december of 2003 by Artifact Entertainment, entitled as Horizons: Empire of Istaria. The game comes with a wide variety of different fantasy characters, including playable, flying dragons. Currently there are 11 races, 28 adventure schools and 22 craft schools available.

The game's play style is based on a player versus environment (PvE) system. Player versus player (PvP) is still possible in a restricted area. Adventure the game by combining powers of different classes. Istaria's multiclass system lets you choose between the abilities of more than one school at any time. However, full power will only come to the class you selected to be the active one on your adventures.

Craft your own equipment to become even more powerful. Crafting is a big part of the game, almost anything you may obtain is crafted by players: houses, lairs, weapons, equipment, tools, and so on. Own a lair or a plot of land in settlements to build your residence. Aid others to build theirs. Several hundreds of formulas are waiting to be worked by your skilled hands.

About Istaria Lexica

We are proud to provide you with information about the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Istaria. The Istaria Lexica is, like most other wikis, a community driven project. Players of Istaria commit updates and new information to the wiki to provide it to everyone.

Istaria Lexica was born when the two founders, Terao Tar and Elteria Shadowhand, met each other for the first time in real life on April 30th, 2015. Both were pretty enthusiastic wiki editors already and had a good experience on the MediaWiki software. On the real life event, which was visited by a few other Istarian players from the Order shard, too, both agreed on the fact that the community should be given a chance to join in on harvesting information and support others with their knowledge. The agreeing nodding of other attendees was a clear sign that we're on a good plan.

So the journey began. To prepare a wiki system for a group of players who never worked on a wiki before. How should they learn it? This is a basic task Istaria Lexica takes care of. Everyone shall be able to commit knowledge without knowing too much about wikis and learning into things they wouldn't want to. While creating simple guides and templates for the community, the founders provide support as good as possible for wiki newcomers. For example by offering dialogues on the site or having chats about any issues directly in the game.

Join the Istaria Lexica community and help us become a great resource for Istaria - Chronicles of the Gifted!

Help us on the Wiki!

It is much easier to add missing information as you would think! The more helpers the wiki aquires, the better information is provided to Istaria's community.

Everyone is encouraged to provide information in any way they desire. Contacting committers, doing comments, talk to each other in the game; everything is okay and very welcome. Everyone is free to edit pages without any bad manipulation afterwards. Wikis are free for everyone and everyone shall be free to edit without fears of harm or 'having done something wrong'. Editing in a wiki means adding what you currently know. If it's not much or even wrong, that's no problem. You are able to edit at any time, to update anything and others may aswell correct or enhance by chance, without any rant. That's the way a wiki lives. That's the way a community lives.

For a first start into the wiki world we created 'The Gifted's guide to the Istaria Lexica Wiki'. It is written especially for Istarian players and has a progressive structure; if you are not able to handle a certain difficulty you can still go back to easier tasks. Other users can assist you, too. Simply start a thread on their talk page: active users and administrators are a good way to aquire hints.
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Player made trailer:

Have a look into...

Videos created by Racktor. Thanks for letting us share it!

Blight Client 401.12.0


  • Fixed the People Search window’s race list showing strange race names.
  • Fixed incorrect rotation issues on ground clutter (grass, rocks etc).

Fixes to Prior Blight Client:

  • Fixed an issue where when crafting the Batches slider would not reduce automatically to maximum possible batches after a craft if the slider was already less than 50.

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2020-09-17 08:09:56
Blight Delta 311.1

  • Wrack is now preventable by Sigil of Ascent V.
  • Drouk in Skaalkar should have his Khutit form again.
  • Rune of Summoning icon looks more like a rune now.
  • In quest “Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 2)”, acquiring items steps for the Cleansing Bath is now  tracked instead of just completing themselves.
  • Fixed the Brobbet’s Burst bauble line from giving incorrect augmentations / not working.
  • Anamandryx now has a proper icon.
  • Moved quest “New Trismus 9: The Mysterious Key” from Serena to Zandra
  • Rapid Fire Posture will no longer conflict with other Stances
  • Ghost of Fesnick and Ghost of Sparcro Ehl`kor look like ghosts now.
  • Improved the gem inlay textures used in lairs and other dragon structures.
  • Title: The Resident doesn’t give a “for sale” symbol anymore.

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2020-09-10 14:39:12
Blight Delta 311


  • Energy Defense and Mind Defense abilities and aura augmentations are now known as Group Energy Defense and Group Mind Defense.
  • Group Energy Defense aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Wizard.
  • Group Mind Defense aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Sorcerer.
  • Group Flame and Ice Defense aura augmentations tiers III, IV and V now require an active Mage.
  • Illustrious Stand aura augmentations tiers III and IV now require an active Healer.
  • Multicast augmentation tier IV now requires an active Conjurer and Multicast augmentation tier III now requires an active Conjurer or Mage.
  • Energize augmentations now require an active Storm Disciple or Ranger.
  • Static Aura augmentation now requires an active Storm Disciple.
  • Blood Shield, Concentrated Blood and Blood Doll augmentations now require an active Blood Mage.
  • The following augmentations of all tiers now require levels appropriate to the abilities: Lightning Arrows, Ice Arrows, Flame Arrows, Spirit Arrows, Group Energy Defense, Group Mind Defense, Group Flame Defense, Group Ice Defense, Illustrious Stand, Multicast, Energize, Static Aura, Blood Shield, Concentrated Blood and Blood Doll.
  • Flame Arrows I ability is now masterable.

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2020-09-06 14:29:56
Hotfix for all Shards

Fix for quest monsters despawning and monsters with followers having too many in the group.

* This will only apply after Tuesday's maintenance

2020-08-24 08:34:49
Chaos Restart on Friday
To help further track down issues with spawns we will be restarting Chaos at 5:00 am PDT on Friday the 24th.  The restart should take about an hour.
2020-07-23 10:01:40
Chaos and Order Restart on Friday
We're going to be restarting Chaos and Order on Friday at 5:00 am PDT as we work to track down the occasional spawn issues.  This should take a couple hours.
2020-07-15 17:00:39
Chaos Restart

Chaos is being a bit problematic.  We're going to kick off a restart at 1 PM Pacific Time to motivate it to behave better.

Chaos is back online. (3:00 PM Pacific Time)

2020-07-07 12:46:43
Support System Emails

We're currently experiencing a problem with the support system sending multiple email confirmations. We are actively working on a fix.

This has been fixed now.

2020-07-01 12:03:42
Updated Code of Conduct
Hello Istarians,

We have recently made changes to our Code of Conduct to reflect the changing times and better describe activities that we believe better represent the values of the community, as well as expanding our definitions of what constitutes harassment or inappropriate behavior to better protect our players from detrimental interactions.

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2020-06-24 08:48:23
Live Client 400.201.0



  • Updated the Monster Window to allow stacking of health bars horizontally or vertically, this depends on the size of the window.
  • Add Tell option to Windows Player List, Player Search, and Group


  • Fixed players returning to idle pose when in combat under certain conditions (your character would stand idly but continue attacking as normal).
  • Fixed an issue where players who have very long names (>16 characters) wouldn’t be able to receive chat invites and their names were cut off in chat.
  • A number of issues has been addressed with changing forms (i.e Khutit form, costumes):
  • Fixed an issue where if you change form and then move, other players see your old form running on the spot.
  • It’s no longer possible to move while transforming (so you can’t slide around or fly around like that which was buggy).
  • Fixed an issue where you could in theory get stuck transforming and require a relog.
  • Fixed an issue where if you died while transforming you might not see you died / other players might not see it.
  • Fixed the player character disappearing for a split second when changing forms.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character’s head could disappear if you look around while transforming / wearing a costume.
  • Fixed an issue where if another player wore a costume and turned on the spot when on top of a building, they might visibly fall through the floor and disappear.
  • Fixed some more memory leaks.
  • Fixed falling off objects / teleporting to the surface when in lairs when first logging into Istaria.
2020-06-19 08:21:23