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Istaria: what is it all about?

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Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Virtrium, LLC. It has been released in december of 2003 by Artifact Entertainment, entitled as Horizons: Empire of Istaria. The game comes with a wide variety of different fantasy characters, including playable, flying dragons. Currently there are 11 races, 28 adventure schools and 21 craft schools available.

The game's play style is based on a player versus environment (PvE) system. Player versus player (PvP) is still possible in a restricted area. Adventure the game by combining powers of different classes. Istaria's multiclass system lets you choose between the abilities of more than one school at any time. However, full power will only come to the class you selected to be the active one on your adventures.

Craft your own equipment to become even more powerful. Crafting is a big part of the game, almost anything you may obtain is crafted by players: houses, lairs, weapons, equipment, tools, and so on. Own a lair or a plot of land in settlements to build your residence. Aid others to build theirs. Several hundreds of formulas are waiting to be worked by your skilled hands.

About Istaria Lexica

We are proud to provide you with information about the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Istaria. The Istaria Lexica is, like most other wikis, a community driven project. Players of Istaria commit updates and new information to the wiki to provide it to everyone.

Istaria Lexica was born as the two founders, Terao Tar and Elteria Shadowhand, met each other for the first time in real life on April 30th, 2015. Both were pretty enthusiastic wiki editors already and had a good experience on the MediaWiki software. On the real life event, which was visited by a few other Istarian players from the Order shard, too, both agreed on the fact that the community should be given a chance to join in on harvesting information and support others with their knowledge. The agreeing nodding of other attendees was a clear sign that we're on a good plan.

So the journey began. To prepare a wiki system for a group of players who never worked on a wiki before. How should they learn it? This is the basic task Istaria Lexica takes care of. Everyone shall be able to commit his knowledge without knowing too much about wikis and without the need to learn into things they wouldn't want to. While creating easy guides and templates for the community, the founders will provide support as good as possible for any wiki newcomers. For example by offering dialogues on the site, aswell as having chats about any issues directly in the game.

Join the Istaria Lexica community and help us become a great resource for Istaria - Chronicles of the Gifted!

Help us on the Wiki!

It is much easier to add missing information as you would think! The more helpers the wiki aquires, the better information is provided to Istaria's community.

Everyone is encouraged to provide information in any way they desire. Contacting committers, doing comments, talk to each other in the game; everything is okay and very welcome. Everyone is free to edit pages without any bad manipulation afterwards. Wikis are free for everyone and everyone shall be free to edit without fears of harm or 'having done something wrong'. Editing in a wiki means adding what you currently know. If it's not much or even wrong, that's no problem. You are able to edit at any time, to update anything and others may aswell correct or enhance by chance, without any rant. That's the way a wiki lives. That's the way a community lives.

For a first start into the wiki world we created 'The Gifted's guide to the Istaria Lexica Wiki'. It is written especially for Istarian players and has a progressive structure; if you are not able to handle a certain difficulty you can still go back to easier tasks. Other users can assist you, too. Simply start a thread on their talk page: active users and administrators are a good way to aquire hints.
14,138 articles, 80,671 edits and
5 active users
Player made trailer:

Have a look into...

Videos created by Racktor. Thanks for letting us share it!

27. September 2016

Today's highlights:

Very much broken links (~1200) have been fixed. Mostly included were typos while linking and necessary redirects to existing pages!
The Gnomekindle (Winter-) Festival has been fully documented.
The Spring Festival has been fully documented.
The Summer Festival has been fully documented.

Content updates:

Site updates:

  • Lexica's Submenu 'Game Information' has got a new entry 'Fansites' added. Contact me if you know additional sites!
  • Extensions Purge and PurgeCache were removed since they are obsolete on the currently running version of MediaWiki.
  • Fixed the disambiguation features of the wiki to represent them correctly. Both, the Category page and the Templates Disambig and For were updated, including their documentations.
  • Added a new Gadget: purgetab. This replaces the built-in Purge/Refresh feature found on the top of each editable article page. It delivers a way to clear MediaWiki's page cache for the current article page and it's transcluded pages.
  • Template:List now uses the maximum possible width to show it's content and now supports a style parameter. This may be used to layout the list's table.
  • Template:New Location now adds a Template:List to the resrouce section and has been updated in it's cosmetics.
  • Template:Pet Summary Cargo now adds Category:Pet:Cargo
  • Template:Pet Summary Shoulder now adds Category:Pet:Shoulder
  • Template:Resource Node‎‎ has been beautified. It is now centered, more broad and shows the available locations in two columns.
  • Template:Urban Summary now adds Category:Location.
  • Template:VendorBuys‎‎: Table headers are no longer linked.
  • Template:VendorSells‎‎: Table headers are no longer linked.
  • Template:Work in progress‎‎ now supports a detailed user text.

Join in to improve the wiki. Even the smallest effort is well worth it!

07. September 2016

Content updates:

Site updates:

Join in to improve the wiki. Even the smallest effort is well worth it!

15. August 2016

Content updates:

Site updates:

Join in to improve the wiki. Even the smallest effort is well worth it!

26. June 2016

Phew. This is a big one. Thanks to all committers for your efforts!

Todays highlights:

  • Almost all NPCs and Vendors are in! All Cities, all Outposts, all Towers were overhauled heavily. The new system makes it easy to find sold items by the search feature. All in all, 1707 unique items were added and linked to the vendors. For example, if you wanted to find the 2008 Fall Festival Ancient Helm Head Scale using the search feature, it will suggest you to the item's article. There you'll find a list of vendors / creatures / resources and so on...
  • Resort Islands / Festival events were updated. Missing NPCs aswell as the payment methods for each festival are available now. And of course, the vendor's items, too.

Content updates:

Site updates:

Join in to improve the wiki. Even the smallest effort is well worth it!

31. May 2016

Todays highlights:

- Delta Patches 281-285 have been brought into the wiki almost completely.
- Vendors are being edited heavily. They get their sold items and prices added.

Content updates:

Site updates:

Join in to improve the wiki. Even the smallest effort is well worth it!

2. May 2016

Todays highlights:

Proudly the page has become tablet and smart phone capable. If you still encounter problems while navigating let me know.

Locations have been finished on their updates. Any landmark, settlement, dungeon, forest, hill and so on should have their own article now, containing information about creatures and resources.

Content updates:

  • Quest: Taurorond: Remembering the Fallen has been updated.
  • Quest: Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire has been updated.
  • Quest: The Feladan Ranger quests (beginning with Ranger: Hunting the Direst Wolves and Ranger: Envenomed Arrow I) have been updated; their required items and rewards have been added and crosslinked.
  • Quest: The Burning Archer quest line has been fully documented now. Corrected/added quest texts and rewarded/required items. Added lots of needed locations and hints how to reach them. Also updated the corresponding NPCs.
  • Quest: The quest line around Valor and Vigilance: Defend New Trismus has been updated and completed.
  • Quest: The Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade quest line has been updated to their current behavior.
  • Titles: Some missing titles have been added.
  • Titles: Emblems are on the wiki now. All regarding quests have been updated (Their rewards were linked to the titles instead to emblems)
  • Titles: Updated alot of quest information such like coordinates, targets, rewards, creature loot lists, required items, etc..
  • Slash Commands: The table showing the commands has become some cosmetics to be better readable.
  • Slash Commands: More commands have been added, the list should contain every available command now: /availEmotes, /lootall, /selectSelf, /report , /mouselook , /sleep, /useability , /printLocalObjects, /RecoverMemory, /who, /idleAnimReset, /testAnimDefer , /playSound , /setTime , /purgeSectors, /purgeModels, /purgePaths, /purgeCharacters, /purgeChar, /purgeSounds, /purgeResources, /purgeTerrain, /purgeEnts, /showFootprint, /localDelete, /loadModel , /modelPeek , /ddsConvert , /aghDDS , /igbToAGF , /agfToIGB , /setPos , /setPosRel , /moveSelf , /ms , /moveRel , /setRot , /printProps, /updateHotkeys, /QuestsRefresh, /distanceto2, /distanceto3 and /showinfo.
  • Locations: Pretty much of all locations should be in the wiki now. Around 430 nice, new, shiny screenshots have been made for their articles. Lots of information has been added, such as resources located there, NPCs, creatures and so on. Thanks! Awesome job!
  • Category:Pawn Broker: Pawn Brokers have become more informative on their prices things being sold to them.
  • Category:School: Adventure and Crafting sub-articles schools have become a better structure to become more overviewable.
  • Category:Quest: Some of the sub-article lists weren't showing any results at all. This has been fixed.
  • Category:Quest: Added a new sub-article: Quests with unknown level restriction. This enlists all quest where no minimum level is known (yet).
  • Category:Quest: Added a new sub-article: Crafting Quests
  • Calimir the Bold has been renamed (former: Calimir)
  • Sindenis Lavitien has been renamed (former: Sindenis)
  • Rialtos the Wary has been renamed (former: Rialtos)

Site updates:

  • Template:Project list entry now automatically adds the current date and project-status 'open' as default.
  • New Template:SkillsGainedTableRow. That's a dirty little helper to create table rows on skills for school articles (such as Ranger, Miner, Cleric, ...)
  • Page Layout: Good news for tablet and smartphone users. The page should render correctly now on any resolution. However, you may need to 'scroll' the page contents, still. Let me know if you find any bugs!
  • Page Layout: On smartphones and tablets you'll be able to open the sub-menus of the page's main menu now.
  • Page Layout: Main Menu: Since the top level menu entries are no longer linked to an article, sub menus have become a new 'Overview' link.
  • Page Layout: On small monitor resolutions (<1280 x 1024), the page background (the character photos) has been moved out of range. This ended up in a messy layout and has been fixed.
  • Page Layout: On small monitor resolutions (<1280 x 1024), the user menu and the search bar have been cut off. Fixed, too!

Join in to improve the wiki. Even the smallest effort is well worth it!

11. April 2016

Content updates:

Site updates:

  • Due to some crashing issues I've reconfigured the server's behavior while compiling the php code. I hope things will become well now and you won't be ending up in any random '500 internal server errors' :rolleyes:
  • The slideshow on Lexica main page has got a few more pictures now. And it directly links to the original sized pictures. Enjoy!
  • The Lexica main page now offers a second video (Thanks Racktor for making that cute trailer!)
  • Some default messages on templates, not being able to show any result, have been updated. They should be more understandable now.
  • Updated the 'Searching effectively on Istaria Lexica' (that's the '?' button on the search bar) page to be better understandable.
  • Template:Resource Node now delivers up to 100 coordinate pairs, linked to the map. It's also possible to provide the delivered resources now.
  • Template:CoordsMap created. You can use it to deliver inline coordinates. It provides a formatted link to the map to your readers.
  • Template: Project List entry now automatically adds it's creation date and your signature to make your life a wee bit easier.
  • Template:Item Summary (used in Template:New Item) has got two new parameters added: formula-requirements and formula-products.
  • Template:New Item has got Template:VendorBuys and Template:VendorSells added.

Join in to improve the wiki. Even the smallest effort is well worth it!

28. February 2016

Today's highlight: Dragons! Dragons! Dragons! Tons of quests for dragons have been updated. Very much of them were filled with details out of their beta stadiums. For an overview of the most wanted dragon related quests you will want to visit the new Dragon Quest Category.

Content updates:

Site updates:

  • Article Management Templates have been changed to look more unified.
  • A few new icons for free use have been added, they're styled to fit with each other and may become even more if there is need. They're also involved in our active templates.
  • MediaWiki: deactived page caching. The current implementation of Semantic MediaWiki does not provide an accurate way to recache changed pages and their linkde resources. This eases editing pages with SMW content heavily, and, of course, it is much easier for our less skilled editors *hugs*.
  • Template:New Creature now has a second Template:LootList to divide specialised loot from the common list (which can be very, very, long. Eases searching through it)

Feel free to join in to improve the wiki. Even the smallest effort is well worth it.


31. January 2016

Today's highlight:

Around 720 (!) new screenshots have been added to the creatures. This completes the major revamp of all creatures, including their loot lists, quest references and other details a player could find useful. Enjoy!

Content updates:

Site updates:

  • Category:Candidates for deletion has been renamed into Category:Deletion requests. This is found easier when using the search feature.
  • Category:Deletion requests: Added more description and general guidelines.
  • Fixed a server problem where pictures could not be rendered. This caused an error message to be shown instead of a picture.
  • Main Menu: the dynamic links (the ones right below the content links) have been divided with lines and a link to 'Deletion requests' has been added. The two 'Start article' links were changed to be more understandable.
  • Template:Delete now adds Category:Deletion requests to the articles and contains a sandbox example.
  • Template:NPC Summary now adds a Category:NPC to the articles.

That's it! Cheers!

18. January 2016

Content updates:

  • Herbs have found a place on the wiki.
  • A few new locations and items have been added.
  • All T5 creatures were heavily updated (Lootlists, Screenhots, Abilities, Locations, etc.).
  • Quest: Investigate Karane the Historian's Tale now has the correct name.
  • NPC quests are now sorted by level first, then name.
  • Quest line 'Niesa's Draught' has been updated but needs some more info still.

Site updates:

  • Template:Reward has got it's newlines removed. Now it can be used several times on an article without messing up the list's layout.
  • Template:Urban Summary has got another set of coordinates added. x and y reflect the centralised point of a location which comes useful for landmarks.
  • Template:InfoboxMultiproperty got a new optional parameter 'limiter'. Provided data elements are separated by a comma by default. 'limiter' will override that with whatever you would like to use (
    for example).
  • Template:LootList now has an optional headline parameter.
  • Layout: Article functions should be better visible now while they don't disturb too much while you're reading.
  • Layout: Articles now got a fixed width, independent to screen resolutions and browser widths. This makes it much easier to format/layout the contents
  • Layout: The search bar has been tweaked. Buttons were made more visible and it's now located below the user functions.
  • Layout: Site buttons became more visible, hopefully you don't need to search for a 'submit' anymore!
  • Layout: Site background images were tweaked, enjoy.
  • WikiEditor: small changes to colors and layout, especially on those little helper clickies at the bottom.
  • Layout: Some of the special pages contained messed up tables (colors), all fixed now.
  • Layout: Tweaked Special:Preferences a bit to be better readable
  • Spam: We finally won the battle. Google's ReCaptcha NoCaptcha protection will help us filtering those critters out. You'll need to pass it whenever you want to register or commit an article while not logged in. If you experience any problems on registration, please let me know!

05. January 2016

News on the spamming:

I decided to add Google's ReCaptcha NoCaptcha system and hope this helps a bit. If you encounter problems on registration or committing sites anonymously, please let me know by PM on official forums.


We wish you a wonderful year 2016.
Be well, become well and stay encouraged on whatever you want to achieve.

~~ The Lexica team ~~

22. December 2015

Hi everyone, some updates on the spamming issue.

I've changed to another captcha system and hope it will stop those automated registrations finally. Time will tell. You're being asked a question now whenever you want to register an account or you want to edit an article anonymously.

If you experience any problems with it, please let me know.

24. November 2015

Spam issues:

The spam bots have finally found the Lexica. Some of them are able to break through the secured registration procedure. However this is not a big problem since they cannot be invasive in any manner. The scripts just create a new account and post a 'Viagra text' (perhaps you already know that from your e-mail account) to their own user page. I am evaluating a few ways to get the issue solved and to let registration for new users stay as easy as it is by now.

Just don't buy any viagra, with the correct partner you won't need it anyway *chuckles*

Content updates:

  • Much of Dralnok's Doom creatures have got heavy updates. Health, Levels, Weaknesses, Coordinates, ...
  • Vilitis Plant, Small Tebolli Plant and Nagara Plant have found a place in the wiki!
  • All article names, which were affected by name changes in Delta 279, were updated
  • All tier 4 creatures were updated with loot lists
  • The Emotes article was nicely updated. Khutit and Sslik emotes were added and the dragon ones updated.
  • The Trandalar Grand Magus was completely updated. Quests were added and linked, aswell as the list of buyable items
  • Some missing locations have been added (mostly because they contain portals or pads)
  • Broken Items (such as the Priceless Thornwood Longbow) are now searchable and leads you to the concrete details page
  • Broken Broad Sword: On tables there was a wrong name (Broken Short Sword), this has been fixed.
  • Guard Kerrak has been renamed (former: Kerrak). He also got promoted to Sslanis Gatekeeper.

Site updates:

  • Template:List and Template:LootList had a heavy bug, which preventes a correct listing of the contents in a dynamic list. It also affected the output by showing weird brackets in the list of items. Fixed.

22. October 2015

Content updates:

Site updates:

  • Template: Urban Summary now uses the destination pad coordinates for the istariareference map links.
  • Created Template:Infobox:Portal and Template:Infobox:Landing Pad which will soon be used to explain Istaria's wormhole system. :-)
  • Added a few travel list templates as a preparation for use on landing pad articles to ease showing the available routes.
  • Template:Infobox:Creature has got a maximum health and level parameter added (was in earlier but got removed *self bonks*). The shown level and health is now a calculated average value.
  • Created Template:Paymentmethod. No we don't want you to pay us :o). It's used to show hints in an article on how to pay an NPC with non-currency methods (Imperial Rank Token for example).

20:46, 22 October 2015 (CEST)

04. October 2015

Server Performance: The update has been successful (I hope!) and the server now runs on an experimental code compiler which should increase loading pages. I've already examined that the search suggestions are fast as hell - finally! It's still not too optimal but comfort has raised. I'll be evaluating some configuration in the next weeks to get it more stabilised.

Content updates:

  • Hiring permits: Detail pages like Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit now enlist who sells them. Prices were updated to the current ingame value.
  • Spring Festival: All NPCs added, their quests added and their sold items added
  • Added 12 items for the Earn Title: Relic Hunter quest Formula: Dwarven Relic Collection. These were also added to the proper creature's loot tables
  • Treasure Chests and Mimics now got a sortable table, including coords, levels and tiers
  • Fixed some coordinates not showing on NPC and creature tables
  • All uncategorized pages were placed in categories now
  • Alot of creatures have been updated slightly on their details

Site updates:

  • Extension:CharInsert: added template Looks like noone sells this item.
  • Template:Quest: Level defaults to 0 now so quests without a provided level still show up on dynamic tables
  • Removed two false blog links and replaced them with the lexica news page
  • Added captchas on page creations for non-regeistered users to further prevent spamming

22:56, 5 October 2015 (CEST)

02. October 2015

Some news on the performance issues.

I'm testing a tool developed by facebook, hhvm, right now on my virtual machine. Looks like it will do the trick. I examine increased speed on page loading and search bar link suggestions. However it is very complicated and, thanks to facebook of course, awfully documented which makes it very hard and time consuming to integrate it. Time will tell. I hope to get this running in the next few days.

*throws out some chocolate mice*

21:30, 2 October 2015 (CEST)

18. September 2015

*looks at the sandglass*...


*yawns again, even louder*....

*sticks some toothpicks beween eyelids*

*the toothpicks break*

No more popcorn. Peanuts gone, too. Coffee went out after 20 hours, had to wait 6 more until shop opened. At least I got a breakfast. Cat made me bleed several times, just out of boredness.. or should I say because I ignored her? Red bull didn't help btw.

Ahh well. Let's talk about the server move: Istaria Lexica is back online with all of it's beauty. There were heavy issues while moving. One story is that the server rack I'm located at catched fire, just at the moment where I made Lexica's database import. Perfect timing don't you think? The vServer was set up in another rack within an hour but I had to restart importing stuff which delayed everything for about three hours. After around 30 hours without sleep the domains were propagated across the globe and Lexica was *runnable*. However, the thumbnails did not load. This issue still exists and seems to be a very, very deep software problem on either my server's set up or MediaWiki itself... or both. I managed to create a workaround so you guys are able to view the images. However, as long as the issue persists you may encounter almost the same slow loading performance as you had at the old server. This is because auntie Elti activates MediaWiki debugging here and there, which slows down like a nuclear winter does *giggles*. I'm sorry. Tonight the server is utilised by 100% because database maintenance scripts are still running. It causes heavy lag while loading pages so please use your left-over patience :eek:

We also got a few good news for ya:

Content updates:

  • Quests: Added Earn Title: Antidote Expert
  • Quests: Added Primal Instant Heal X: To the Doom!
  • Reference Card: Added a new list: 'Available game modification types'
  • The Player made game mods page has been heavily overhauled! All already existing entries have been evaluated to have existing download links and refer to the official webpages or community threads. Dead mods have been removed. On a few critical mods there are special installation instructions mentioned now, as well as caveats like conflicts with other mods. Alot of additional mods were added aswell so the whole list contains 49 right now. If found there's something missing, feel free to let us know. I hope this list contains pretty much everything the modding community offers for istaria by now. More surprises to come.
  • Several selling NPCs have got an update to their selling lists, or they even got the list added - finally.
  • Alot of new boons have been added.
  • Delta 278: All changes are in. Two exceptions but I heard some green gnome takes care of that.
  • Tier 1 loot lists on creatures were heavily updated and should be pretty complete now.

Site updates:

  • Added shiny browser titles which will also show up on your bookmarks. Each individual for every article.
  • The Istaria Lexica News section can now be 'watched' by our members.
  • New Template 'Template:New GameMod'. Used to create a new article for game mods.
  • New Template 'Template:Infobox:GameMod'. Shows brief details about a game mod.
  • New Template 'Template:List'. Provides a formatted table with entries (linked to a SMW property). Columns and Headlines are customizable.
  • Extension:Charinsert: the clicky listings were reformatted to be more overviewable
  • Extension:Charinsert: quite a few new templates, tags and functions were added to the lists. If you would want to see even more let me know. Adding them is as easy as chasing a chocolate mouse.
  • Template:Quest has got a fixed width now. This should let it look a bit better on higher resolutions.
  • Template:New_Quest was corrected to use the proper parameters on the Template:Quest call. It places the article in the correct category (Quest, not Quests) now, too.
  • Extension:LinkSuggest. YES! It's finally there after three bug fixes! LinkSuggest acts as an inline-suggestor on WikiEditor for internal wiki links. It enlists up to 10 results whenever you open an internal link '[[' or a template call '{{' and write at least 4 characters. Very useful if you don't know how a template or a page is written correctly. Works pretty much the same as the suggestions on our search bar.
  • Cleaned up a whole lot of obsolete and misplaced categories.
  • Template:InfoboxMultiproperty got it's values limits increased from 200 to 400. Nadia will be happy now.

3. September 2015

Server move:

The new hardware has been chosen and we're going to move there on Sep. 17th and 18th. This should take no longer than 24 hours without issues but if there are any I'll inform you right here. While moving, the site may still be available, or not. Please do not count on a good performance or a persistent connection. Once everything runs fine I'll give you a final okay in the good old Deforian-manner. Committers, please avoid doing changes on the site on those two days. I'm pretty sure, one or another is glad about a bit of a vacation.

Content updates:

  • All mimics and treasure chests are in now. That includes everything they can drop and what you need to get them opened and and and...
  • More than 100 creatures added. Including loost lists, coords, screenshots and quest links. More will follow!
  • All resources have got their screenshots added
  • Fabric, Wood and Stone pages were heavily updated
  • Adventure Trainers: added a table with all trainer NPCs
  • Craft Trainers: added a table with all trainer NPCs
  • Gatekeepers: added a table with all NPCs. However, the gatekeepers are not all in yet, and some must be renamed first (all due)
  • Quartermasters: added a table with all NPCs
  • Tavernkeepers: added a table with all NPCs
  • Trophy Hunters: added a table with all NPCs. You may also want to visit this page for a complete overview on the quests.
  • Vendors: added a table with all NPCs
  • New creature category: Azular
  • Added 52 of the quest relevant bottle caps, including details and screenshots
  • Bags of Coin are all in now
  • Category:Crafting has a newcomer-friendly description now, as well as lists about schools, tools and machines
  • Page 'Crafting' has been moved to 'How to craft' and got added to the Player Guides as it is one of them
  • Category:Item has got a description now and a nice inventory screenshot

Site updates:

  • The new purge script got a few fixes. To get it work correctly more changes are due once the server move is done.
  • Made lots of preparations for the server move, so not much done else.
Terao Tar      [talk]

22. August 2015

Greetings, we've got quite a few updates for you again.

Content updates:

  • The Bitter Pickle quest line, areas, mobs and drops are in now.
  • Trophy Hunter: renamed misnamed quests (mainly just false capitalised parts).
  • Trophy Hunter: added a few missing quest texts.
  • Trophy Hunter: The overview page now has fixed table widths which makes it better readable/searchable.
  • Trophy Hunter: The Imperial Outpost quests are listed again.
  • Trophies: All trophy articles are in now (~170 new).
  • Trophies: All pictures are in now (~140 new).
  • Trophies: Linked all creatures to the trophy loot.
  • Trophies: Linked all trophy quests to the loot and the creatures.
  • Added tons of missing creatures!
  • Templates: Template:LootList now outputs a sorted list of loot. Side effect of that is a fix where some of the loot had leading whitespaces when showing on articles.
  • Templates: fixed some layout bugs (margins) on several templates.
  • Quartermasters now put out a sorted list of buyable items.
  • Quite alot of quest NPC dialogues and -texts were added.
  • Resources: A few resource pages have been revamped: Azulyte Crystals, Gems and Essence.

Site updates:

  • We changed the captcha system on registration to reCaptcha (Google) since we all know: Gnomes can't do simple maths.
  • On article commits which contain external web links, a captcha verification popped up. This is suppressed now.
  • Extensions: Installed Extension:CharInsert. The tool appears below the WikiEditor box and offers Lexicans WikiCode clickies. The most used templates and the most used WikiCode snippets are available. If you feel something is missing, please let me know (very easy to add more)!
  • Extensions: Installed Extension:RegexParserFunctions. This enhances MediaWikis' parser with some tags to enable regular expressions in WikiCode (good for template development, especially on search/replace tasks).
  • Extensions: Installed Extension:WikiLove. I thought we should have a chance to be nice to each other on IL :-). You can post barnstars and small messages of appreciation to other members from their user page (not your own, self loving is a no-go, teeheee!). There's a new 'Thank user' button above the user page.
  • Layout: The middle part (right below main menu) of the menu toolbar now appears on every page (was suppressed earlier).
  • Licenses: License templates were revamped to fit with the current site's design. They're also looking more unique now for 'familiar feeling'.
  • Licenses: The Image copyright tags help page has been changed to fit with our needs.
  • Licenses: Added Template:GNU GPL.
  • Licenses: Added Template:Cc-by-sa-2.0.

16. August 2015

Greetings Lexicans, you may have experienced that page loading is kind of slow on the domain. Currently we're on a pretty old hardware and I was in hope that it would still be enough for the MediaWiki.. it's not. The first idea was to replace the current system with some fancy, shiny Automatons, but asking Terao to let his gnomes build all that did end up in a no-go. Too much explosives in there they told me.

I am looking forward to make a server move and started to collect details about how, when, who, what why..errrr.. yes well you know.. Getting all details together takes a little while, please have some patience to our old, old, dusty box until he may rest in pieces.

14. August 2015

Hello everyone, exciting news about the page. We did heavy progress and added quite a few articles, aswell as new features to ease editing for everybody:

Content updates:

  • General: All of the pictures (4500+) have been heavily optimized to enhance the loading time of the site.
  • General: Added reference footers to 11119 pages. This ensures to stay license conform on our third party content.
  • Buildings: Residential, Commercial and Industrial flags have been updated and there are lists by zone type available now.
  • Creatures: A new Loot List for creatures has been established. This should make it easier for Lexicans to add loot to creatures and fixed a few buggy behaviors. In parallel, some pre-filled templates were added to add certain loot-types (like Tier 1 hoard loot, Tier 6 broken items,...) with just one small call. This saves hopefully alot of time on editing.
  • Creatures: Changed the template behavior for the creature summary. Resources shown have become searchable which results in a sortable list for our readers.
  • Items: Added all missing (211) broken item components. They need to get linked to the formulas still, though.
  • Items: Added tons of missing technique resource details like screenshots, description, links to monsters the are dropped off, link to techniques, and so on. All in all these were around 1000 pages.
  • Delta276: Tier 4 and Tier 5 crafting boons were added. The lower boons were updated while on that mission, too.
  • Delta276: Added new bonus infos to the updated emblems
  • Delta277: Renamed some articles to fit with the delta changes
  • Lore: A few lore pages and NPC dialogue texts have been added

Site updates:

  • Added a scheduled script doing a cache-purge for each edited page. It runs every two minutes and acts as a workaround for a Semantic Mediawiki problem, where dynamic tables do not update their view when a contained page result was changed. The script is still in testing, if you still find weird results in articles using SMW tables, please let me know.
  • Added APC to the site. The tool caches certain site parts so browsing should become a bit faster.
  • Added Extension:Arrays to the site, which lets editors use -programmatic like- array functions in WikiEditor
  • Added Extension:CreateBox to have a direct and easy to use page creation link on Istaria Lexica's main menu.
  • Added Extension:DynamicPageList, which is a pretty good alternative to Semantic Mediawiki. It offers Lexicans advanced research options when looking for certain sets of pages and enlisting those in their article.
  • Added Extension:LabeledSectionTransclusion. This enables Lexicans to show a selected section of another article in their own article. Already actively used on the New Page templates' documentation pages.
  • Added Extension:YouTube, so that Lexicans are able to add YouTube videos via WikiEditor. Example can be found on the main page (thank you Racktor!).

04. August 2015 - Day one after site roll out

Hi everyone! Terao and I are excited how good everything ran since yesterday. Server is stable, community knows we're there and people already started to register and edit pages. I want to welcome our first three members here: Daulnay, Meepsa and Cegaiel. Though we're having issues with some confrontations, we will handle them in a correct way.

We became the opportunity to get a list of droppable items which increased the wiki's page counter from around 7000 to over 10000. The items are all in and wait to be assigned to their creatures and vendors. Little gnomes are working hard already and I am proud I don't need any whip or so. Cute thingers. Err the items I meant. There is more due, talking about lists, but I need to look into it first. I am very proud of the istarian community which gave us so much positive feedback in the last few hours. Thank you very much!

16. July 2015 - Running, running, running

Stabilising the server system has finished today, and we're on our best way to finish polishing the site for your personal favour. Alot of pages need to be updated on some points still before you will be able to read and understand them (again). Rollout is coming soon. Very soon.

8. July 2015 - *Waves to everyone*

I've been installing the last few extensions to the wiki today and made them run smooth. The functionaliy to serve you guys well is guaranteed now. Though there is still a bit work to do prior to let you come to this beautiful new site. There are some layout problems to be fixed and we won't open the gates until we cannot offer The Gifted's guide to the Istaria Lexica Wiki in a well enough state so you can read it and learn the ease of wiki editing. Also, the little gnome is on a major mission renewing hundrets of articles so we shouldn't make him too nervous -- who knows what would explode then.

Stay tuned.

Elteria Shadowhand, co-founder   [talk]

29. June 2015 - Once again a greetings to all Istarians.

Development is going well so far and I am about to finish up the raw functionality. Once things are runnable I will start deployment on the server, configure the wiki software and take over our current data from here. These steps are the first of a few to get the site up. We will stay invisible while we're at it and proceed to commit the missing stuff. While I am working on graphical/functional site details, Terao concentrates on new game info. He's working on techniques details right now. These were very outdated and are a big effort to update. Hooray them gnomes!

Talking about rollout and new stuff: We're progressing well. As we decided to move to our own location our expenses have raised though. There's alot of scripting to be done still; alot of handwork crawling through MediaWiki's code and managing to get a nice Layout for you all. This means we need more time and if I may try to estimate that, let me say: a few weeks and we're up and ready. The decision on the domain name has been done aswell but I won't tell you! :-)

Elteria Shadowhand, co-founder   [talk]

23. June 2015 - Greetings Istarians!

Wikia has answered about our little big feature problem and the answer was not satisfying at all. We're not able to be hosted on the Wikia farm with all those nice contents and started to take care of an alternative, actively now.

Short ago, while waiting on answers from wiki farms, I decided to start an evaluation phase on the possibilities to take care of the wiki with my own environment. While playing around with a local mediawiki installation and extensions and all that I can say now: it is possible and I will do it. The final decision was made yesterday: Istaria Lexia will become it's own website. Not anymore dependent on outdated, advertisement-polluted mediawiki distributions.

We will be:

  • ad-free
  • well skinned
  • with an own domain
  • on good performance
  • on the newest wiki features, including the current visual editor

However, getting the site to run is still a time effort since we need to create the layouts from scratch. While working on that I may also add a few ideas I've had to make the pages look nifty and the function be more overviewable. Of course Terao is still around and adds new contents in the meantime, he already did awesome additions since we were able to edit here.

Both of us look forward to get the wiki rolled out in a few more weeks, so stay tuned!

Elteria Shadowhand, co-founder   [talk]

16. Juna 2015

I'm happy to annouce that the old and new templates are all ready for usage! New and easier functionality has been added, aswell as some 'programmatic' enhancements. With those, our (future) template scripters are able to easily manipulate the basic layouts, without big time efforts to change things to the current needs. Also, developing new reoccurring templates has become available using our new non-standalone template pieces. Wonderful!

While on that story, we also managed to update alot of Istaria-articles in the Wiki with new and shiny polished information. Some preparations are done to revamp the complete spell-article system to be more overviewable and accurate. Since this data is one of the biggest parts of the wiki and their age is already .... aged? .... this may become one of our major boosts for the wiki's go-live. At least some certain gnome said so.

Well on our little Wikia dialogue we're no step further. While still on the wait for the feature to be activated, we talk back to the staff next week in hope to get a final response. Patience is a burden!

Elteria Shadowhand, co-founder   [talk]

6. June 1015 - Greetings,

as of today the base layout is considered to be ready. We designed the main page and added very nice basic information about the game itself and hotlinks to the needed resources for experienced players.

Also, the templates have been overworked to be designed for our new layout. While working on that alot of minor bugs and improvements were added. Especially for people wanting to help us in the future, we created all of the missing documentations and enhanced existing ones. They should be understandable for beginners, finally. If not, bonk me!

Restoration of the data basement (which contained around 7.000 articles and 3.000 pictures) is finished aswell. Some of the articles have been touched by ourselves already to update them with relevant game information. Rocks are going to roll as you can see. Terao also managed to create new screenshot areas where you will be able to view early concept art from Artifact Entertainment aswell as pre-beta drawings and ideas about a possible content. For sure there be some unknown treasures found.

What we still are waiting for is a special feature on our site, which must be installed by Wikia. Dialogues are running with the staff and I hope this activation will happen within the next weeks. Afterwards we are finally able to go official.

Elteria Shadowhand, co-founder   [talk]

2. June 2015 - Greetings,

I've just started the data import of our refined information pool. 11.786 articles full of data will be available within the next day to everyone.

Still not final

However, since the data is still in a kind of 'initial state', some errors we need to fix manually. This shouldn't take too long and is hopefully be done somewhere in the next two or three weeks.

Weird code

Also, we are still having a small gap on the semantic parts of our articles. We're in contact with wikia, who have to do some work on their side first. While waiting for them you may examine some weird code chunks (like #ask, #show, alot of red links in info boxes, and so on...).

We'll keep you updated.

Elteria Shadowhand, co-founder   [talk]

Blight Delta 288
  • The Cults
    • The lands along the coast of the Dalimond Bay have undergone some dramatic changes including more growth of trees and more thanks to the continued efforts by the Dryad.
    • As a result of this new growth, new monsters and enemies have moved into the regions along the Dalimond Bay. Wolves, spirits, and even more humanoid enemies can be found in these regions.
    • Tishlar, Desert Shores Outpost and the Tower of Healing have become more populated as a result of the growth and change.  Numerous quests can be obtained from these locations and its residents.
    • For those who completed the Vandus Confederation quest line in T2, speak with Micklin Vandus to begin “Vandus Confederation: Unease in Tishlar”.  Note that this quest is not required to begin the T3 quest series in Tishlar, but it does provide a bridge between the T2 and T3 storylines.

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2016-10-21 12:05:04
Live Client 392.40.1


  • Crash fix for communication manager window if regions are not loaded
  • Camera position when head bobbing is enabled and character is scaled

2016-10-18 06:23:09
Blight Client 392.40.0


  • Future content asset fixes
  • Fix for camera position when character is scaled

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2016-10-07 12:35:48
Live Client 392.30.0


  • Desert sky experiences global warming


  • Change target selection so that unfriendly player characters show up with red selector / show bad guy icon

2016-09-27 06:05:06
Blight Client 392.28.0


  • Hot keys loaded can be out of alignment
  • Push fog distance to 375m so that everything is clear
  • Fix for chat window size / quest window size
  • Show “?” above NPC if there are additional quest steps available / if quest deleted, then also make sure NPC “?” is deleted
  • NPC Chat Window transparency setting applies to all NPC chat windows


  • New pref to disable attachment loading for community structures (/setpref useStructureAttachments false). Relog required.

2016-09-22 12:35:41
Chaos and Order Restart
Chaos and Order will be restarted at 6:00 am PDT on Wednesday the 14th to resolve the issues with abilities not working properly.
2016-09-13 12:16:12
Live End of Summer Update

Delta 287

  • Expert Primal Health formula requires 920 spellcraft skill to scribe.
  • Expert Excoriation formula requires level 800 lairshaping skill to scribe. Journeyman Excoriation formula requires 400 lairshaping to scribe.
  • ‘(Hourly) Clean Up The Wriggling Masses’ no longer refers to Braekhis as male.
  • Formula: Scale/Tallisman of Dance/Melody/Revelry/Feast requires any crafting school level 80 instead of current crafting school level 80
  • Crystal of Mind (Rift) crystal will now properly trigger Mind of the Void’s effect: Migraine. Chance has also been increased from  5% to 15%.
  • Crystal of Bone (Rift) crystal will now properly trigger Bone of the Void’s effect: Temporary Bleed Resistance.
  • Crystal of Heart (Rift) crystal will now properly trigger Heart of the Voids effect: Temporary Stun Resistance & Temporary Mesmerize Resistance.

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2016-09-06 08:01:31
Order Restart on Friday
We will be restarting Order at 6:00 am PDT on Friday September 2nd.  This is to further help track down and fix the issues with some spawn areas not working properly.  The restart should take 30-45 minutes.
2016-09-01 08:26:08
Blight client 392.18.0


  • ASSET Khutit to Dragon tint bug
  • Character creation camera fixes for adult / ancient dragons ticket:4519
  • Crash fix if trying to greet NPC that has already unloaded
  • Detect bad text for editing and recover from crash

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2016-08-29 07:56:02
August Double XP
It's Summer and what better way to celebrate August than to have double XP all month long. The devs hope you're enjoying Niesa's Fate, or whatever you're doing in Istaria. Bring it Gigaroth!

2016-08-01 12:10:36