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The Dragon Crafter (DCRA) school is a basic crafting school, available to dragons only. Dragon Crafters get experience for working with metal, stone, essence, and gems, but their Dragon Ingenuity allows dragons to gather fish or confectionery plants.

Skills and stats[edit]

Skill Points Lvl 100
Dragon Scalecraft 8 800
Essence Harvesting 7 700
Essence Shaping 8 800
Gemworking 8 800
Ingenuity 10 1000
Mining 7 700
Quarrying 7 700
Salvaging 7 700
Smelting 8 800
Spellcraft 8 800
Stoneworking 8 800
Transmutation 8 800
Stat Points Lvl 100
Health 5 500
Strength 5 500
Dexterity 5 500
Power 5 500
Focus 5 500

Trainers and requirements[edit]

NameFormulas soldLocated atxy
Artisan JemenothSkalkaar42,07916,744
Kerian the WiseBeginnerNew Trismus46,08614,516

Abilities gained by level[edit]

Ability (* = Masterable) Level earned
Dragon Essence Harvesting I 1
Dragon Essence Shaping I 1
Dragon Gemworking I 1
Dragon Ingenuity I 1
Dragon Mining I 1
Dragon Quarrying I 1
Dragon Scalecraft I 1
Dragon Smelting I 1
Dragon Spellcraft I 1
Dragon Stoneworking I 1
Dragon Transmutation I 1
First Wing Scale Slot 10
Dragon Essence Harvesting II 20
Dragon Essence Shaping II 20
Dragon Gemworking II 20
Head Scale Slot 20
Dragon Ingenuity II 20
Dragon Mining II 20
Dragon Quarrying II 20
Dragon Scalecraft II 20
Second Gift Slot 25
Dragon Smelting II 20
Dragon Spellcraft II 20
Dragon Stoneworking II 20
Dragon Transmutation II 20
Second Wing Scale Slot 30
Dragon Essence Harvesting III 40
Ability (* = Masterable) Level earned
Dragon Essence Shaping III 40
First Foreleg Scale Slot 40
Dragon Gemworking III 40
Dragon Ingenuity III 40
Dragon Mining III 40
Dragon Quarrying III 40
Dragon Scalecraft III 40
Dragon Smelting III 40
Dragon Spellcraft III 40
Dragon Stoneworking III 40
Dragon Transmutation III 40
First Hindleg Scale Slot 50
Third Gift Slot 50
Dragon Essence Harvesting IV 60
Dragon Essence Shaping IV 60
Dragon Gemworking IV 60
Dragon Ingenuity IV 60
Dragon Mining IV 60
Dragon Quarrying IV 60
Dragon Scalecraft IV 60
Second Foreleg Scale Slot 60
Dragon Smelting IV 60
Dragon Spellcraft IV 60
Dragon Stoneworking IV 60
Dragon Transmutation IV 60
Second Hindleg Scale Slot 70
Ability (* = Masterable) Level earned
Fourth Gift Slot 75
Back Scale Slot 80
Dragon Essence Harvesting V 80
Dragon Essence Shaping V 80
Dragon Gemworking V 80
Dragon Ingenuity V 80
Dragon Mining V 80
Dragon Quarrying V 80
Dragon Scalecraft V 80
Dragon Smelting V 80
Dragon Spellcraft V 80
Dragon Stoneworking V 80
Dragon Transmutation V 80
Tail Scale Slot 90
Dragon Essence Harvesting VI 100
Dragon Essence Shaping VI 100
Fifth Gift Slot 100
Dragon Gemworking VI 100
Dragon Ingenuity VI 100
Dragon Mining VI 100
Dragon Quarrying VI 100
Dragon Scalecraft VI 100
Dragon Smelting VI 100
Dragon Spellcraft VI 100
Dragon Stoneworking VI 100
Dragon Transmutation VI 100

School quests[edit]

Certain quests are sorted by the ability family they give and are offered every 10 levels, starting at level 10. Each set of quests for any particular skill all start from the same dragon trainer.

The available ability quests are found on the dragon quests article.

Quest nameStarts withTypeLevelRewards
Dimensional Pocket I: Spell ShardsBattleMaster GerixErrand10Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket II: Dragon Scale DeliveryJynasixErrand20Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket III: Deliver 200 Iron Bars to Gangaf TaglayJynasixErrand30Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket IV: Deliver Spells for JynasixJynasixErrand40Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket IX: Deliver Supplies to the GuardsJynasixErrand90Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket V: Deliver gears to LantenalJynasixErrand50Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket VI: Deliver Supplies to KessetJynasixErrand60Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket VII: Aid Versanto With His ExperimentJynasixErrand70Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket VIII: Mithril BullionJynasixErrand80Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Pocket X: Return with News from the Towers of MagicJynasixErrand100Dimensional Pocket
Dimensional Scepter of Radiance
Dragon Crafter Task: Collect 50 Iron OreResiata
Unknown / Undefined20
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 35 Uncut GarnetCrafting1Beginner Cut Gem
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 50 Copper and Tin OreCrafting1Beginner Metal Bar
Dragon Tutorial: Collect 50 Sandstone SlabsCrafting1
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 10 Bronze BarsCrafting1
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 10 Sandstone BricksCrafting1Beginner Stone Brick
Dragon Tutorial: Craft 6 Cut GarnetCrafting1Skalkaar Dragon Claw (Formula)
Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon ClawCrafting1
Dragon Tutorial: Craft Skalkaar Dragon ScaleCrafting1Special - Skalkaar Hatchling Scale
Dragon Tutorial: Spells and AbilitiesCrafting1Training Breeze
Essence Harvesting Mastery I: Dim EssenceXarinnisCrafting10Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery II: Collect 100 Tainted Dim EssenceCaspurasCrafting20Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery III: Collect 100 Pale EssenceCaspurasCrafting30Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery IV: Collect 100 Tainted Pale EssenceCaspurasCrafting40Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery IX: Collect 100 Shining EssenceCaspurasCrafting90Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery V: Collect 100 Glowing EssenceCaspurasCrafting50Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery VI: Collect 100 Tainted Glowing EssenceCaspurasCrafting60Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery VII: Collect 100 Bright EssenceCaspurasCrafting70Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery VIII: Collect 100 Tainted Bright EssenceCaspurasCrafting80Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Harvesting Mastery X: Collect 100 Tainted Shining EssenceCaspurasCrafting100Essence Harvesting Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery I: Dim Essence OrbsXarinnisCrafting10Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery II: Craft 50 Tainted Dim Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting20Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery III: Craft 50 Pale Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting30Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery IV: Craft 50 Tainted Pale Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting40Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery IX: Craft 50 Shining Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting90Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery V: Craft 50 Glowing Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting50Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery VI: Craft 50 Tainted Glowing Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting60Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery VII: Craft 50 Bright Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting70Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery VIII: Craft 50 Tainted Bright Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting80Essence Shaping Mastery
Essence Shaping Mastery X: Craft 50 Tainted Shining Essence OrbsZepartusCrafting100Essence Shaping Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery I: Craft 70 MalachiteXarinnisCrafting10Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery II: Craft 140 GarnetHeraxiusCrafting20Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery III: Craft 70 AmethystHeraxiusCrafting30Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery IV: Craft 140 Rose QuartzHeraxiusCrafting40Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery IX: Craft 70 EmeraldHeraxiusCrafting90Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery V: Craft 70 JasperHeraxiusCrafting50Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery VI: Craft 140 AquamarineHeraxiusCrafting60Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery VII: Craft 70 JadeHeraxiusCrafting70Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery VIII: Craft 140 OpalHeraxiusCrafting80Gemworking Mastery
Gemcraft Mastery X: Craft 140 Fire OpalHeraxiusCrafting100Gemworking Mastery
... further results

Usable scales[edit]

Armor Scales
Broken Scales
Dexterity Scales
Focus Scales
Health Scales
Power Scales
Strength Scales


Basic Resource Formulas[edit]

Dragon Crafters work in:

Dragon Container Formulas[edit]

Dragon Crafters can use:

Dragon Scale Formulas[edit]

Dragon Crafters can use:

Spell Formulas[edit]

Dragon Crafters can use:

Resource Formulas[edit]

Dragon Crafters can use:
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