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|health = 668
|health = 668
|port  = Bristugo
|port  = Bristugo
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Location: Bristugo
Rating: 108
School: Pawnbroker
Health: 668
Coordinates: 22212 / 22562
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Hail, Gifted. I have been instructed by the Empire to reward the Gifted who have remained true to the Empire over the years. The Empire is now 15 years of age and we are celebrating! I have collected rare and special items from around Istaria and beyond and I am willing to exchange them with you in return for your Anniversary Tokens.

Rocznica is a merchant NPC in Bristugo who sells unique items for Silver Anniversary Tokens, obtained only from the 15th Anniversary Events or by having an active subscription during that period (1/character).

Rocznica is being paid using:
Silver Anniversary Token
1 Silver Anniversary Token has a value of 1 copper.

For an item offered for 56 copper you have to provide:
56 Silver Anniversary Token.

Rocznica sells:

Item Cost
15th Anniversary Adult Diamond Head Scale 1Copper 
15th Anniversary Ancient Diamond Head Scale 1Copper 
15th Anniversary Crystal Shield 1Copper 
15th Anniversary Crystal Tower Shield 1Copper 
15th Anniversary Juvenile Diamond Head Scale 1Copper 
15th Anniversary Khutit Diamond Head Scale 1Copper 
Crystal Beetle 1Copper 
Eilafi 1Copper 
Grounded Crystal Azular 1Copper 
Grounded Golden Crystal Azular 1Copper 
Unchained Crystal Azular 1Copper 
Unchained Golden Crystal Azular 1Copper 
Anniversary Crystal Heart 1Copper