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Location: Chiconis
Rating: 1
School: Pawnbroker
Health: 26
Coordinates: 24283 / 21802
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Periadan tells you, Hello, would you like buy or sell something? Trade with me and I'll show you what I have for sale, or make me an offer and I'll add what I'm willing to pay you to the trade. If you'd like more specific instructions, perhaps I can help.

Periadan is an imperial pawn broker. He pays 20% of the imperial price on items.

Quests available[edit]

No quests for this NPC.

Periadan sells:

Item Cost
Alyssa's Energized State II 15Silver 
Alyssa's Touch II 15Silver 
Brobbet's Hand of Justice II 15Silver 
Daggarth's Blessing II 15Silver 
Divine Protection II 15Silver 
Fury of Daggarth II 15Silver 
Hastened II 15Silver 
Heightened Senses II 15Silver 
Holy Armament of Istara II 15Silver 
Istara's Breath II 15Silver 
Istara's Gait II 15Silver 
Istara's Grace II 15Silver 
Istara's Guiding Hand II 15Silver 
Mystical Ward of Istara II 15Silver 
Niatha's Blessing II 15Silver 
Spectral Touch II 15Silver