Zebeginia the Scale Hardener

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Zebeginia the Scale Hardener
Location: Dralk
Health: 20
Coordinates: 22546 / 29008
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Zebeginia tells you, Greetings, friend. Ever since we insisted on lowering ourselves to the level of mere men, by calling this absurd truce, I have sought ways to improve our abilities in combat for the inevitable day the tide turns. One of the most effective techniques I have learned is a method of hardening one's scales, to better ward off magic and blows. I have spoken with the Council of Elders about this. They have informed me that it is not a trick of the Humans or a devious plan by the Lich King. Rather, it is the result of stored magical energy, some of which was released when the Gate of Embers was re-opened. It has infused our very beings with power, improving us greatly and making us more resilient to damage than before.

Quests available[edit]

Hardened Scales II: The Nature of Resilience20
Hardened Scales III: Fighting in the Forest30
Hardened Scales IV: The Sprawling Desert40
Hardened Scales V: Combat on Tough Terrain50
Hardened Scales VI: The World of the Arbotus60
Hardened Scales VII: Aiding Lairshapers70
Hardened Scales VIII: Into the Woods80
Hardened Scales IX: A Face Only A Mother Bloodsnout Could Love90
Hardened Scales X: The Final Test100