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Fall of Tazoon: The Aftermath (Part 1)
Type: Story
Lieutenant Frathoom Bakhtor 
Located at:
Imperial Army Camp 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: Fall of Tazoon: Grant SmythFall of Tazoon: Elsa Batos 

The fall of Tazoon has created chaos and confusion throught the region. Many refugeeshave fled to camps and villages nearby, but some have yet to be found.

Quest text

Frathoom tells you, <Player>, I had hoped to speak to you again. I have reviewed the report you carried from Sergeant Talbot and I wish to thank you for your part in protecting the people of Tazoon. The Sergeant has done well under difficult circumstances, but almost certainly your assistance was the key to preventing a collapse of our defenses on the

Frathoom tells you, These are trying times, to be sure, but we must stand firm and do our duties to the Empire and to the Living Races. Wouldn't you agree? The great city of Tazoon lies in ruins, its people scattered or dead, and therefore we must do what we can to.

Frathoom tells you, It is these people that I wish to speak about further. Many from the city are missing and are presumed dead, but it is possible that others, like Magister Ninna at Granite Hills, survived but fled in other directions. Speak to the refugees here in the camp, Glejdur, maybe they know more about those who are missing.

<Speak to Seneschal Allambe Sulean>

Allambe tells you, How do you fare, <Player>? You are taking a tally of refugees? Well, here I am. A few of my brethren survived; Protectors Honalan and Tian as well as Recruit Traya. I sent them back to Feladan to be with their families.

Allambe tells you, I remained behind in case there were other survivors... or in case there was an opportunity to recover the remains of those who perished.

<Speak to Aaron Legendweaver>

Aaron tells you, <Adventure School>, greetings. There is little more I can say. You have seen what state wea re all in, but you haven't yet seen the city itself, have you? it is a dire sight.

<Speak to Revanus>

Reavanus tells you, Gifted, you have come at a most opportune time! Your aid will be critical in the Imperial Army's efforts to not only contain the Welger, btu hopefully push them back into the ruins.

<Speak to Lialione>

Lialione tells you, <Player>, the Lieutenant sent you to take a tally of refugees? An excellent idea. There is one you should look for. She was the Bank manager of Tazoon, Elsa Batos. Please find her, <Player>! I have heard nothing of her since the explosion and she is dear to me.

<Speak to Guard Thurdang>

Thurdang tells you, Ah, good, I had hoped one of the Gifted would be here to aid us. A tally of those who survived and fled sounds like a good plan. Unfortunately othe than my fellow refugees here I have nothing new to add to your list.

<Speak to Guard Devin>

Devin tells you, <Player>, well met. I saw you speaking with others... My friend, Halvas, is dead. A tower collapsed on him as we fled. The occupant of the tower, Grant Smyth, also fled and I am ashamed to admit that I thought more of my own safety than tahat of his. Where he is now, I do not know, but he was not bound and did not follow me to this camp. He has escaped justice, but those it matter any longer?

<Speak to Rabine Saturna>

Rabine tells you, The music in my soul is still there, <Player>, but it is full of sorrow and pain. Perhaps I will wrte it down one of these days, but not today. Alyssa herself would weep at the destruction that we have wrought upon this world.

<Return to speak with Lieutenant Bakhtor>

Frathoom tells you, Ah, good, you've returned. Please forgive the delay, Glejdur. Were you able to glean any further information from the refugees?

Frathoom tells you, The prisoner escaped, did he? Well, that is interesting. And you've been asked to look into a personal matter involving Elsa, the Bank Manager? It's not much to go on, unfortunately, but I suppose it is a start.

Frathoom tells you, One small piece of advice before you leave, <Player>. I would not recommend entering the Ruin at this time; the gate is heavily guarded. In addition, it is possible, and indeed likely, that some survivors might be wandering the desert outside of the walls, even perhaps as far as the village of Kaiyar.


  • Talk with Lieutenant Bakhtor
  • Speak to Seneschal Allambe Sulean
  • Speak to Aaron Legendweaver
  • Speak to Revanus
  • Speak to Lialione
  • Speak to Guard Thurdang
  • Speak to Guard Devin
  • Speak to Rabine Saturna
  • Return to speak with Lieutenant Bakhtor

Target mobs


  • Adventure Experience: 20400
  • Money: 25 silver