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|title    =  
|title    =  
|method  = [[Blood Shard]]
|method  = [[Blood Shard]]
|value    = 10
|value    = 5
|currency = copper
|currency = copper

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Fallen Adventurer
Location: Land of the Exiled
Rating: 100
School: Dragon Adventurer
Health: 4200
Coordinates: 2798 / 42365
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Fallen tells you, L-little n-naka... B-beware of... V-valkor. My c-companions... all dead. I-I... *ungh* b-barely made it this f-far...

Quests available[edit]

(Daily) Land of the Exile: Dark Stalker100
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Hounds100
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Traitors100
Land of the Exile: Vengeance100
Fallen Adventurer is being paid using:
Blood Shard
1 Blood Shard has a value of 5 copper.

For an item offered for 56 copper you have to provide:
12 Blood Shard.

Fallen Adventurer sells:

Item Cost
Fallen Paladin Ally 20 Blood Shard
Shadow Hound Ally 20 Blood Shard
Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Bloodied Blood Shard
Weapon & Scale Tech Kit: Blood-Thirsty Blood Shard