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===Quests started in {{PAGENAME}}===
===Quests started in {{PAGENAME}}===
[[Land of the Exile: Vengance]]<br />
[[(Daily) Land of the Exile: Dark Stalker]]<br />
[[(Daily) Land of the Exile: Hounds]]<br />
[[(Daily) Land of the Exile: Traitors]]<br />
===Quests which involve {{PAGENAME}}===
===Quests which involve {{PAGENAME}}===
[[Earn Title: 1st Valkor the Impaler]]<br />
[[Earn Title: 2nd Valkor the Impaler]]<br />
[[Earn Title: 3rd Valkor the Impaler]]<br />
[[Earn Title: 4th Valkor the Impaler]]

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Land of the Exiled
Destination pad: 2674 / 42113
Travel gate: 24438 / 29016
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: 0
Available lairs: 0
Must be attuned by:
Coordinates: 24400 / 29000
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NPCs and creatures[edit]

NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Fallen AdventurerDragon Adventurer1002,79842,365

Creature NameSchoolRatingXY
Blood UrnContainer1052,73042,740
Dark StalkerWolf10624,46029,050
Death GuardAdamantium Golem111
Death HoundWolf103
Fallen PaladinBone Marrow102
Shadow HoundWolf105
Valkor The ImpalerBlood Knight1402,75942,708
Valkor's GuardBone Marrow10124,50029,050

No named creatures seen here.


Quests started in Land of the Exiled[edit]

(Daily) Land of the Exile: TraitorsFallen Adventurer100
Land of the Exile: VengeanceFallen Adventurer100
(Daily) Land of the Exile: Dark StalkerFallen Adventurer100
(Daily) Land of the Exile: HoundsFallen Adventurer100

Quests which involve Land of the Exiled[edit]

No quests found.