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<includeonly>{{Building Summary
<includeonly>{{Building Summary
|rci      =  
|rci      = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=rci|<!-- Industrial|Commercial|Residential -->}}
|type      =  
|type      =  
|limitnr  =  
|limitnr  =  

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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)


Use this template to create a new article about a building collection.


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Template:Building Summary parameters

{{Building Summary
|rci       = Zone types where the building can be built on.(Commercial, Residential, Industrial). Use Template:InfoboxMultiproperty according to the example below.
|type      = The building type. Please refer to the list mentioned above.
|limitnr   = Limit of buildings of this type for each plot
|machines  = Available machines, provide as comma separated links
|npcs      = Available NPCs, provide as comma separated links
|maxstacks = Maximum amount of stack the building can take
|maxbulk   = Maximum amount of bulk the building can take
|image     = Alternative image filename for the screenshot

Template:Building Info parameters

{{Building Info
|name       = provide an alternative name for the headline
|maxstacks  = max amount of stacks
|maxbulk    = max amount of bulk
|dimensions = building dimensions, use numbers only (ex. 10x10)
|modifiers  = modifiers, like shop bonus, tavern bonus, etc.
|requires   = requirements, like hiring permits (provide as comma separated links)
|npcs       = NPCs the building contains (provide as comma separated links)
|image      = alternative filename for the image. If none given, uses the name parameter. If no name given, uses {{PAGENAME}}.jpg

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