Abigail's Outstanding Order

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Abigail's Outstanding Order
Type: Crafting
Abigail Vrisk 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
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Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Previous Quest: Abigail's Missing Mining Pick 
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Abigail Vrisk is the Bristugo gemcutter and has been working the rich amethyst vein near the town. But she was recently attacked by a large Amethyst Golem when she tried to mine it and had to flee for her life!

Quest text[edit]

Abigail tells you, Good, good, you have returned <player>. You are a tradesperson like myself I see. You are looking for work, are you not? Yes? I have some for you. As you know, I'm a gemcutter by trade and I've been working the amethyst gems that are found not far from town. I thank you for helping recover my lost mining pick.

Abigail tells you, Sure, I could have used purchased another pick, but I liked my pick. Know what I mean? Where was I? Oh yes... I've got a couple outstanding orders for cut gems and I could use some assistance to fulfill the order. One hundred fifty cut amethyst, <player>. Would you mind filling the order for me?

You've created sufficient cut amethyst for Abigail. Return with the gems to Bristugo..

Abigail tells you, Well done, <player>! Yes, these will do nicely and are a good start to filling this order of mine. Its for many thousands of amethysts so I'll be working on it for quite a while. But its good to be needed, isn't it?


  • Create one-hundred fifty (150) Cut Amethyst for Abigail Vrisk
    You need to create those on your own.
  • Return with the Cut Amethyst to Abigail in Bristugo


  • Craft Experience: 9000
  • Money: 14s 500c