Assist Eilen the Mage With Her Icy research

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Assist Eilen the Mage With Her Icy research
Type: Unknown / Undefined
Eilen the Mage 
Located at:
Tower of Magery 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
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Eilen the Mage has begun researching new spells based on the element of ice. With so many Icy Dire Wolves nearby, she has plenty of resources available, but cannot spare the time. She would like you to assist her.

Quest text[edit]

Eilen tells you, Greetings, <player>. I could use some assistance with my research! You see, I am to build up a stockpile of components that will assist me with my research. One such component is the claw of the Icy Dire Wolves that roam the mountains west of my tower. If you would collect five of them, I would be grateful. And I might let you in on the fruits of my research.

You have gathered ten icy dire wolf bones. Return with them to Eilen at the Tower of Magery..

Eilen tells you, Ah, good, you have returned. And you have the bones? Good! Now, I need the marrow but don't have the necessary tools here to separate the bone and marrow myself. I recommend you go and speak with a mage by the name of Androgos in Kirasanct. He has the tools necessary to help me out. While you're at it, take this letter to him for me please.

You have received 1 Letter for Androgos.

Androgos tells you, Greetings, <player>. What brings you to our icy citadel? You have a letter from Eilen? Oh good. A good student, Eilen was. I have missed her since she travelled to the Tower of Magery. I trust she is doing well. Give me a moment to read the letter.

Androgos finishes reading the letter and looks up at you expectantly..

Androgos takes the bones from you and begins working on them..

Androgos tells you, Well, this is most interesting. She is doing spell research now and making progress it seems. She has asked me to help you since you are bringing marrow from the icy dire wolves back to her. I'll take those bones off your hands and prepare the marrow. Wait right here until I'm done please.

Androgos sets down his tools and looks up at you expectantly..

Androgos tells you, Well, here you go, <player>. Five units of bone marrow as requested. Please, take this back to my friend Eilen. And here is a letter to carry to her. Safe journeys!

You have received 5 Icy Dire Wolf Bone Marrow.

You have received 1 Letter for Eilen.

Eilen tells you, Welcome back, <player>! You found Androgos easily enough, I trust? My marrow! Well done! Oh, and a letter too. Thank you very much, my friend. Here, please take this coin, these technique components I have gathered, and this newly researched spell as a gesture of my thanks.

You have received 1 Spell: Frosty Maelstrom.

You have received 4 Icy Dire Wolf Fang.


  • Collect ten Icy Dire Wolf Bones
  • Return to the Tower of Magery with the Icy Dire Wolf Bones
  • Take the Icy Dire Wolf Bones to Androgos in Kirasanct
  • Wait for Androgos to finish reading the letter
  • Speak with Androgos
  • Wait for Androgos to finish preparing the bone marrow
  • Speak with Androgos
  • Return to the Tower of Magery with the Icy Dire Wolf Bone Marrow

Target mobs[edit]