Druid: Avenge the Fallen Druid

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Druid: Avenge the Fallen Druid
Type: Adventure
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One of the members of your new Order was slain by Sand Ogres while out exploring. You have been asked to avenge your fellow Druid!

Quest text[edit]

Grosok tells you, There is a problem that requires one's attention. Apparently a brother of the Druidic Order has been slain by the foul sand ogres, the Agh'kuk, who live near the Lakes of Crystal Tears. This one implores you to avenge the druid! Go to the Crystal Lakes, <player>, and defeat at least 10 sand ogres... Diminish the population for Grosok!

You have avenged the Fallen Druid for Grosok and the Druidic Order. Return to Grosok in Sslanis with word of your deed..

Grosok tells you, <player>, one has done well! That one's assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. This one hates to see one of the Order's own in such a state.

You have received 1 Druid's Edge I.


  • Avenge the Fallen Druid by defeating ten (10) Agh'kuk Elite Warriors, who can be found around the Crystal Lakes north of Sslanis.
  • Speak with Druid Grosok in Sslanis about the deed!

Target mobs[edit]