Feladan: Learn about the Feladan Protectors

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Feladan: Learn about the Feladan Protectors
Type: Errand
Ranger-Captain Taurorond 
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Locate Tareviel the Spearman Trainer near one of the great trees of Feladan.

Quest text[edit]

Taurorond tells you, Tareviel? A good friend of mine and long-time ally of the Living Races. He favors the spear and a different approach to battles with the Withered Aegis, but that has never stopped us from being good friends. You can find him just outside of the inner city of Feladan, near one of the great trees.

Tareviel tells you, Welcome, <player>. I am Tareviel of the Feladan Protectors. It is our duty to protect the Elven people as well as this city. In the past we alone among the Elves fought against the Withered Aegis, but with our return home the ancient Order of Rangers has been reformed once again. If you wish to know more of the Feladan Protectors you should speak with Instructor Brilthor in Tazoon.

Instructor tells you, Welcome to Feladan-in-Exile, my friend. Not long ago, all of our people called Tazoon home. But with the help of gifted people such as yourself we reclaimed our homeland. Some of us remained here in Tazoon to wield influence with the Imperial Council, or to teach the newest generation of what we almost lost forever. I strive to keep the Feladan Protectors alive and ready for the day that we continue our attack on the Undead Hordes.

Instructor tells you, I presume you were sent here by Tareviel? Yes? Most excellent. A great warrior he is and revered among our people. If you follow the path of the spear, you could learn much from him. The Feladan Protectors are a force of elite warriors, hand-picked, and trained from an early age to fight the Undead Hordes. We fought for many years to reclaim our homeland and at last, with the help of the Gifted, we have succeeded!

Instructor tells you, Now, there is little impetus among the people to keep the Feladan Protectors active, and few recruits come my way... But we will be needed again one day, I assure you of that. The Undead Hordes are still a threat and we must be ever-vigilant. I must return to my duties and training, <player>... Farewell.



  • Craft Experience: 3000
  • Adventure Experience: 3000
  • Money: 1s