Ranger-Captain Taurorond

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Ranger-Captain Taurorond
Location: Feladan
Rating: 105
School: Ranger
Health: 20
Coordinates: 25292 / 23261
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Taurorond tells you, Greetings, friend. You are welcome to Feladan. We have reclaimed our homeland and for that we are eternally grateful to the Living Races. It is good to be home among the trees and the grass. Not that I disliked Tazoon, but it was never home. Merely a place to reside until we were able to return.

Taurorond tells you, Yes, we reclaimed it with the help of the Gifted, such as yourself. They fought the Withered Aegis, destroyed the foul machines, and even withstood the terrible plague that descended upon Istaria for a time. But now we are back and as you can see I have reformed our ancient Order of Rangers.

Taurorond tells you, The Order of Rangers was formed centuries ago, long before the coming of the Withered Aegis, to protect the Feladan Forest and my people. When Feladan fell to the Aegis during the Invasion the Order was disbanded and replaced with the Feladan Protectors. With our return, the Rangers are again needed and so we have taken up the most sacred duty.

Taurorond tells you, I trust you learned much of the Feladan Protectors from Tareviel? Good... Heed his counsel, for he is wise in the ways of war and is greatly respected by his people.

Quests available[edit]

QuestAdv. SchoolAdv. LevelCraft SchoolCraft Level
Feladan: Learn about the Feladan Protectors600
Taurorond: Remembering the Fallen850