Taurorond: Remembering the Fallen

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Taurorond: Remembering the Fallen
Type: Adventure
Ranger-Captain Taurorond 
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Previous Quest: Imperial Army: Disturbances II 
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Ranger-Captain Taurorond fought for Attios in defense of Hadan's Wall, but was gravely injured in the ensuing battle and returned to Feladan to recover. He was not there when Attios made his final, but wishes for you to recover rank badges from the fallen Elves at Attios' Stand.

Quest Text[edit]

Taurorond tells you, Ranger, I have need of your assistance. I have spoken with Tareviel and he has informed me that the Withered Aegis have taken control of the final resting place of many of the Elvish people's bravest warriors? And that it is the same hill where the great Attios made his final stand? This is dire news!

Taurorond tells you, I fought for Attios for several years when I was younger. We defended Hadan's Wall more than once and fought off numerous raids by the undead. There was a great battle at the Breach where South Gate is located today and in the battle I was gravely injured. I was returned here to Feladan to recover and hoped I would soon rejoin the fight. Alas, it was not to be <player>!

Taurorond tells you, As you now know, Attios led the army north, was surrounded, and all perished on that hill. We cannot let the Withered Aegis despoil their memory or, worse, their very souls! Please, <player>, recover the rank badges of the soldiers who fell on that hill and return them here to me. It will not bring them peace, but it will let me tell their families and perhaps someday we will be able to bury them properly! The ground is no place for an Elf, <player>, only fire and wood will do.

Taurorond tells you, Yes, <player>, this will be sufficient. On behalf of the Elven people I thank you for treating our dead well. The Withered Aegis would sully them, but we must strive harder to protect those here now as well as those who came before.


  • Listen to Ranger-Captain Taurorond
  • Return to Attios' Stand and recover twelve (12) rank badges from the risen dead
  • Return to Feladan with the rank bages for Ranger-Captain Taurorond

Target Mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 86000
  • Money: 32s 500c