Holcomb Farmstead

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Holcomb Farmstead
Destination pad: No pad
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by:
Coordinates: 22730 / 22370
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A Farmstead south of Dalimond on the Dalimond Peninsula. Some Confectioner resources available there.


NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Helen HolcombCook6022,70422,382
Normand HolcombFarmer6022,77822,330

Creature NameSchoolRatingXY
Small RuxusRuxus2122,77521,831

No named creatures seen here.



(Daily) Fish Fillets for Market DayHelen Holcomb0
Normand's Marvelous InventionTinkererNormand Holcomb0
Learning to Weave BasketsWeaverNormand Holcomb21
(Daily) Ruxus RuckusNormand Holcomb25