Island of Alged: Defeat the Taskmaster

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Island of Alged: Defeat the Taskmaster
Type: Adventure
Located at:
Island of Alged 
Required adventure school:
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Required adventure level:
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Alone on the beaches of Alged, Toribas lay wounded and unable to return home. He asked of you to defeat the Abomination Taskmaster that wounded him so gravely.

Quest text[edit]

Toribas tells you, Thank you, <player>, I appreciate your assistance. You are wondering why I am laying here, aren't you? I came to the island a few days ago to defeat the Machine of Inhibition and save my people. But alas, I was ambushed on the path by a ferocious taskmaster and he gravely wounded me.

Toribas tells you, What are you doing here, <player>? Bacharath sent you? You are helping my people! Then it was not luck but fate that brought you here to save me. Thank you. Would you do a wounded Satyr a favor while you are here?

Toribas tells you, It is a simple task, Ranger. Find and defeat the taskmaster that bested me and return here to me with his head. I don't have much to give you as a reward, but I will do what I can once you are victorious. Be careful! He is larger than the others, a real Terror of an Abomination.

Toribas tells you, You did it! I knew you could. You had a look about you as one who was strong enough. Thank you, <player>, thank you. I promised a reward so please take what I have.

You have received 1 Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Rune of Resistance.


Target mobs[edit]