Llaul Dynray

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Llaul Dynray
Location: Tower of Nature
Rating: 100
School: Guard
Health: 20
Coordinates: 19484 / 26266
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Llaul tells you, Once there was a time when I would have sent you into the dead, blighted land that surrounds us. But recent events have changed that, now. It has become dangerous to send even one as Gifted as you into the area around us. However, if one is willing to brave the dangers then who am I to stand in your way.

Quests available[edit]

(Daily) Nature's Bastion: Chough Rank61
(Daily) Nature's Bastion: Jackdaw Rank66
(Daily) Nature's Bastion: Kite Rank71
(Daily) Nature's Bastion: Raven Rank76