Moham's Muck Fly Frenzy

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Moham's Muck Fly Frenzy
Type: Adventure
Moham Hintos 
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Farmer Moham Hintos was bringing his goods to market, but his wagon had broken a wheel. He's been stranded on the side of the road waiting for someone to help him repair his wagon. All the while, the buzz from the muck flies over the hill are starting to drive him crazy.

Quest text[edit]

Moham tells you, Hullo there, <player>! Come closer, we need to talk. You see, I've been stranded here for what seems like forever. My wagon wheel broke! Can't get my goods to market in Dalimond. But worse, there's this buzzing all around! Can't you hear it?

Moham tells you, Its those blasted Muck Flies, <player>! They're over in The Flats and they buzz night and day. It's enough to drive one mad, it is. Maybe you could do me a real big favor? Go kill some of them! Swat them and give me some peace and quiet for a change.

You've killed sufficient Muck Flies to help Farmer Moham get a good night's sleep!.

Moham tells you, Blessed silence! It is a wonderful thing, it is. No more buzzing, I almost want to sleep right this very minute, <player>. Thank you for your help.


Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 8500
  • Money: 10s 500c