Scout: Scout for Enemies

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Scout: Scout for Enemies
Type: Errand
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The enemy has become more active of late on Lesser Aradoth. You have been directed to scout various locations for signs of enemy activity and to report back immediately.

Quest text[edit]

Geela tells you, I have a small job for you. You see, we've had reports that the forces of the Withered Aegis have returned to the island--reports of a few raids on the gates of Kion and of travellers waylaid on the roads between Sslanis, Kion, and Parsinia.

Geela tells you, We need you to go and scout out some areas and see if the enemy is stepping up their operations. The first location for you to check is the town of Parsinia itself. Speak with Sergeant Talinse there. Report back to me when you are done.

Talinse tells you, Welcome to Parsinia, <player>. What brings you to this small village? Searching for signs of the enemy, are you now? Well, well. No, I have not seen any personally. But I hear reports that they are moving in the hills below the Kion volcano and on the roads. I would suggest you consult with a scout trainer, as they usually have the most recent reports.

Gralash tells you, You spoke with Sergeant Talinse, <player>? Good! Nothing to report, you say? Well, that is good news. Next, there is a ruined circle of standing stones northwest of Sslanis, above the abandoned quarry. Go there, scout it, and report back here to me.

You have scouted the area and found no signs of enemy activity. Return to a scout trainer in Kion or Sslanis..

Geela tells you, Excellent report. Now you should scour the area south of the Kion volcano. Look for a ruined homestead. Report back to me after you have been there.

You have scouted the location and found nothing beyond the standard undead presence. Return to a Scout Trainer in Kion or Sslanis..

Geela tells you, As I expected. Just the run of the mill activities there. Thank you for your report. Your next destination will be the gates of an area once known as the deadlands. You can find them in the center of the island west of the Lakes of Crystal Tears.

You have completed scouting the area. Return to a Scout Trainer..

Geela tells you, So, there was an increased presence of undead near the entrance to the deadlands? And you saw evidence of patrols? Very interesting, <player>. This may be the evidence that we were looking for... You see, we have not yet convinced the Imperial Council that the situation is growing more dire by the day. This may be the evidence we need. Your help is most appreciated!

You have received 1 Scout's Edge I.