South March: The Essence of Research I

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South March: The Essence of Research I
Type: Crafting
Scholar Julius Scipionis 
Located at:
South March 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: South March: The Essence of Research II 

Scholar Scipionis has heard rumors of the Dead Pool for years and believes he has an opportunity to further his study of the magics that lie within that foul location. Blighted Essence can be found there and it may further his purpose.

Quest text[edit]

Julius tells you, <player>, your timing is impeccable for I need someone who is... uh... exp... *he shakes his head* uh... courageous! Yes, that is the word I was looking for. Someone as courageous and... uh... foo... no... uh... daring! Yes, daring! As daring as you are. Are you interested?

Julius tells you, Yes? Good, good. You see, I am a scholar by trade. One of, if not the, pre-eminent scholar on the subject of... well... just about anything! *he laughs as if he had made a joke* My reputation preceeds me, does it not? No? *he frowns* Well, who would YOU consider a great scholar? Someone such as Dennison perhaps? You would?!?! He is a hack, nothing more! Stealing scraps of knowledge from the tables of his betters!

Julius tells you, *His face flushed with anger, Julius looks at you with cold, uncaring eyes* You shall serve my purposes and that of my research, <player>. Now, let us begin for I am in a rush. I have heard much of an ancient source of magic known as the Dead Pool and I wish to study the magical essence of this place further. Therefore, travel north to this Dead Pool and collect thirty units of Blighted Pale Essence for me. Be quick about it!

You have gathered sufficient essences for Scholar Scipionis. Return with your haul to South March!.

Julius tells you, Well, well. That was about as unhurried as I might have expected from one of your... uh... caliber. Now, the essence. Yes, this will do. You have accomplished the task I set before you and while it was not done with as much haste as I might expect from one of the Gifted, you nevertheless did as I asked. Therefore, a small reward shall be yours.


  • Listen to Scholar Scipionis
  • Travel to the Dead Pool and gather thirty (30) units of Blighted Pale Essence for Scholar Scipionis
  • Return with the Blighted Pale Essence to South March and Scholar Scipionis


  • Craft Experience: 17500
  • Adventure Experience: 8750
  • Money: 27s 500c