The Search for Blasta

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The Search for Blasta
Type: Errand
Amas Hegya 
Located at:
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Previous Quest: Expanding The Date Farm 
Next Quest: Blasta's Lost Ring 

Blasta Hegya left quite some time ago to take dates to Parsinia. Her husband is worried that something may have happened to her, but can't leave the farm and his daughter to go find out. So he's sent you.

Quest text[edit]

Amas tells you, You've helped me before, and I hope you are willing to help again. You see, it is my wife, Blasta. She left quite some time ago to take some of her date cookies to Ranger Ishlalin and then on to Parsinia to sell at the market there. I'd expected she would be back by now, but I've heard nothing from her yet. I grow concerned that something happened to her, what with the raids by the Aegis and all. But I dare not leave my daughter unprotected, and really do not wish to worry her either. If you would please, just look for her. This not knowing is going to drive me mad.

Ishalin tells you, Oh my yes, Blasta came through here, what, two days ago I believe it was. She looked just fine then. Of course, with all the problems we've been having with the gruoks around here, I can't guarantee something didn't happen to her after she'd left. As a matter of fact, if after you've found her you would be willing to return, I could use help getting the population under control. But I can tell you for certain that she'd made it this far and was on her way southward to Parsinia. When I last saw her, she'd just gone down the hill to the road over yonder.

Blasta tells you, Oh my, I'm sorry to have worried him. I had not realized just how long I'd been gone, to be quite honest. After leaving Ishalin's camp, I did run into a bit of difficulty with the wolves, but obviously now I am fine. I'd stopped here to rest for a bit, and I guess that "bit" turned out to be longer than I thought it would be. I do apologize. Could you please go back to Amas and let him know that I am fine, and I'll send word once I reach Parsinia? I need to leave immediately for there or I will miss Market Days.

You let Amas know that his wife is fine, she had just been delayed a bit. She is on her way to Parsinia now and will send word when she arrives..

Amas tells you, You're back! Did you find her? Was she...?

Amas tells you, Oh such a relief! Thank you. I don't know how I'll ever repay you, but please, take this as a token of my gratitude.


  • Talk to Ranger Ishalin at the Ranger Camp just south of Kion, as Blasta was supposed to stop off there on her way to Parsinia.
  • Blasta made it as far as the Ranger Camp, at least. This is a good sign that she has probably not come to any foul play, as she's made it past the invaders at the gate. However, you should continue to search to the south to see if she made it any further.
  • From the Ranger's Camp, move downhill until you hit the stone road. Then head south until another muddy way turns right. You'll find the Lost Shrine and Blasta (20753/23546 (map)).
  • Return to Amas to let him know that his wife is fine. She'd just gotten a bit distracted on her journey. She'll send further word when she reaches Parsinia. Remember, Ranger Ishlalin said he had something he needed help with once you had found out what happened to Blasta.


  • Adventure Experience: 500
  • Money: 1s