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==Use Requirements==
==Use Requirements==
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!Name||Level||Armor Use||Benefits||Effect
!Name||Level||Armor Use||Benefits||Effect

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This content is no longer in Istaria.

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This content is no longer an available part of the game. Though some players may still have access to the content, you will not be able to encounter it by yourself. If you are more curious on the issue, you may take a look at the release notes.
Boar Hide Mask.jpg

An old mask fashioned from a deadly boar that was sighted during the Dryad Event to free the Dryads. When used, the mask casts an improved version of Boar's Rage on the user, it comes with its own animation and sound effect.

Once equipped, this armor is attuned and can not be traded.

Usable By[edit]

It can be used by a Guardian,a Chaos Warrior, a Elemental Archer, a Crossbowman, a Spirit Disciple, a Knight of Creation, a Ice Disciple,a Storm Disciple, a Berserker, Flame Disciple, a Spearman, a Reaver, a Ranger, a Cleric, a Druid, a Shaman, a Battle Mage, a Monk, a Paladin, a Scout, a Healer, or a Warrior.

Use Requirements[edit]

Name Level Armor Use Benefits Effect
Boar Hide Mask 61 610
  • +43 Armor

On use when equipped:

  • +115 Armor
  • +6 Speed
  • +200 Two Hand Slash
  • Extra Damage: 35-45 (Direct)
  • Target Effect: Stun III (10% Chance)
  • Attacks Only: Does 200% of normal Damage
  • Attacks Only: Modifies delay by -15%
  • Attacks Only: Modifies recycle by -15%
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