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|questtype      = Errand
|questtype      = Errand
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|school        = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=school|<!--value1|value2|...-->}}
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|level          = 16
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|item          =  
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|race          = {{InfoboxMultiproperty|property=race|<!--value1|value2|...-->}}
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<!--add more lines below if necessary.-->
<!--add more lines below if necessary.-->
{{Reward|craftxp=|adventurexp=4000|money=2s 500c|reward=}}
{{Reward|craftxp=|adventurexp=4000|money=2s 500c|reward=}}
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Sslanis Militia: Quakes and Disturbances (Part 2)
Type: Errand
Vrex the Learned 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Sslanis Militia: Quakes and Disturbances (Part 1) 
Next Quest: Sslanis Militia: The Bloodletters (Part 1) 

A powerful earthquake has shaken the Island of Lesser Aradoth and caused great concern amongst the residents of the town of Sslanis. Kerrak sent you to speak with Vrex the Scholar at the barricade near the Isle of the Drowned about the fyakki who have swarmed out of a great hole.

Quest text

<player>! Sergeant Tsorash is in charge of the militia here at the barricade and this one thinks <player> should speak with that one. Be quick about it, <player>, for time is short and the danger is very real.

Kaasha has sent one of the Gifted to this one's side, yes? Vrex sent <player> to Tsorash? Kaasha, Vrex, Tsorash is happy that <player> is here to assist regardless. The fyakki are a menace and their numbers keep growing. The militia this one has at this barricade are insufficient to stop them. Perhaps <player> will help?

Yes? Good, good. Vrex says that the fyakki are part of an ancient clan known as the Bloodletters. This one has begun calling the ones nearest the barricade as Wildlings because they are wild and mindless and attack unto death. The Wildlings are dangerous, <player>, do not think otherwise! Tsorash would have you kill a number of the creatures to provide relief for the rest of the militia.

Tsorash was not exaggerating, these Wildlings are dangerous...

Well done, <player>. This one could see the prowess <player> possesses even from here. The militia is most grateful for a brief respite from attacks. Honored Vrex has something to speak about, <player>, and could use one's ear.


  • Speak with Sergeant Tsorash at the Sslik Barricade about the invading fyakki
  • Kill at least twelve (12) Bloodletter Wildlings near the Sslik Barricade to help provide relief for the militia
  • Return to the Sslik Barricade and speak with Sergeant Tsorash

Target mobs


  • Adventure Experience: 4000
  • Money: 2s 500c