Biggletorque: The Archmage Darkstaff

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Biggletorque: The Archmage Darkstaff
Type: Errand
Finagle Biggletorque 
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Next Quest: Biggletorque: Chests in the Deep 

Finagle Biggletorque has heard of chests that cannot be opened being discovered within Dralnok's Doom. He believes special keys may be needed to open these chests, but the technique has been lost for centuries. He remembers, however, seeing an odd looking key in the study of Gregory the Scholar many years ago and suggests you go there and see what you can discover.

Quest text[edit]

Finagle tells you, Ho there Tinkerer, come closer! Have you ventured into the darkness yet? Many of the Gifted have come here of late, most return quickly with terror on their faces. But not you, perhaps you are different, yes? Rumors swirl about this camp like flies on a body that has lain in the sun for a week. The rumors speak of chests that cannot be opened! That hold treasure or secrets or both. And so they call once again upon us, the Tinkerers, to help!

Finagle tells you, Oh yes, they are most interested in these chests and in a means to open them. What a day for the Academy, isn't it? But, enough of that. I suspect you are ready to get on with business, am I right? Yes, yes. Well, you see, <player>, I believe I know what it takes to open these chests. It requires a key! What is that you are wondering. A key is a tool that is used to unlock a lock.

Finagle tells you, And the chests you found are locked! *he claps his hands excitedly* What a glorious discovery, isn't it? They will name them after me, for sure. No longer will they be known as keys, but rather Finagling. *he chuckles to himself* No, that isn't so good. Well, no matter, I will think on it and take my petition to the Imperial Office of Copyrights later.

Finagle tells you, The problem, <player>, is that we don't have any keys. Haven't seen any around, have you? No, I daresay you haven't! But I think I know where one is. Years ago I visited a strange old scholar by the name of Gregory in Dalimond. It was there in his study that I remember seeing something that at the time seemed out of place, something I'd never seen before. I asked him about it and he told me he had recovered it from the study of before his disappearance. He didn't go into further detail and I did not press him as it seemed a minor matter at the time.

Finagle tells you, So that is what you must do, <player>. Go to Dalimond, speak with Gregory and try to gain access to his study. He may not remember me, but if he refuses tell him I sent you. Where is he in Dalimond? He's in a big building near the docks. Can't miss it, lots of magic and scholarly types there. Good luck and safe journeys!

You don't see Gregory about, maybe you should ask Richlan for his whereabouts..

Richlan tells you, *Richlan grimaces* He is gone, <player>, hopefully for good. Gone for some time now. The last thing he said to me was that he was leaving to seek answers. To what I do not know and now that we know the truth about him, I daresay I hope he does not return. I am sorry, <player>. No one has even stepped foot into his study since he left. You wish to? Yes, you are welcome to enter. Be sure not to disturb anything! The Mayor would probably blame me if something went missing or was broken before they discover its purpose.

On one of the highest shelves piled among numerous objects of unknown origin and of varying shape, size, color and composition (but all well covered in dust) you find not one but two objects that Finagle described as keys. You suspect Gregory won't notice and you won't tell Richlan so you take them from the shelf..

You have received 1 Odd-Shaped Key.

You have received 1 Odd-Shaped Key.

Finagle tells you, You found it, <player>? There were two keys? Entropy! This is an excellent find and we shall make use of it. I will take one of those off your hands to study. Thank you.


  • Listen to Finagle
  • Speak with Gregory in Dalimond about Finagle's Memory
  • Ask Richlan about Gregory's whereabouts.
  • Look around Gregory's Study for the Key of which Finagle spoke
    This triggers at 22812/22797 (map), in the next room to Richlan.
  • Return to Delgarath and speak with Finagle about the keys