Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire

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Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire
Type: Adventure
Lord-Commander Jatell 
Located at:
Imperial Outpost 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Help Jatell 
Next Quest: Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Secure Delgarath 

Jatell needs help with trimming back foes on the front line. He needs you to scout as well. Perhaps Burris can help.

Quest Text[edit]

Jatell tells you, As you can see we are besieged by various monstrosities on all sides. If you could trim their numbers back a mite I'd be happy to pay you the standard mercenary fee. If you manage to claim just a single trophy from each troop on the battle field I'm sure you'll have the information I seek. You'll know troop numbers and movements. Go to Burris, he will give you a list of the trophies he collects, but bring them to me, not him. I don't trust him, he seeks to usurp my command. Return to me with the trophies and the knowledge I seek, then you will be payed quite handsomely. It is indeed good to know me Gifted, I have powerful friends.

Burris smiles knowingly, calmer than when you first came into his presence..

Burris tells you, It is good to see you <player>. I lost four scouts this week alone, Jatell is trying to run me out of soldiers under my command, he thinks I want his job. The fact is we already have all the information he requires, I'll give it to you, perhaps then he will believe the facts. You need a list of the enemy forces. One moment; I'll compile a list for you. You also need to know which trophies you can claim from them? I can list that as well. Why do you need this knowledge? Jatell wants you to prove yourself...I should have known. Here take this information with you and luck be with you. Wait!...Take this as well. It is a copy for Kincaid, he'll know what to do with it.

You have received 2 Reconnaissance Data.

You have received 1 Burris' List of Trophies.

You have looted 1 Enraged Aegror Bunion.

A truly disgusting foe is the Aegror. Enraged ones seem to be even worse some how. Tearing away a bunion form a foot is messy business, more so when it involves an aegror..

You have looted 1 Ogre Rock-Hauler Manacle.

Every ogre has manacles, these happen to be made of adamantium. After placingthem in you pack, you wonder what is heavier; the manacles or the rocks they haul?

You have looted 1 Blight Hound Claw.

Fafnir's get are a mighty lot indeed, ripping a gory claw from one, you must wonder if most of the blood around is yours or its..

You have looted 1 Abomination Task-Master Spleen.

They are called Death Dealers for a reason, you narrowly escape with your life. With luck you even manged to score a trophy from this abomination..

You have looted 1 Blighted Kwellen Hoof.

Kwellen Berserkers bring new meaning to the words rage and pain. Replying with a wholesome amount of your own this foe too grows closer to it's maker..

Jatell tells you, You actually claimed all of these? By yourself? Surely you had help. I was trained in the Imperial Academy of War and even I may have had some problems with that. No matter politics is all about lying, I'll not fault you for it. In fact, consider me duly impressed, someone of such obvious low birth has managed to meet my criteria at all. You also found all the data I've required. You are truly a remarkable mercenary <player>. With this information I will crush the opposition, you have done me a great favor this day <player>. I'll be sure the proper people in Tazoon hear all about this you can be sure. I'll pay you as Burris would and use some of my copious wealth to grease the wheels a bit, in case I ever need your services again. Also take this medal with you, it marks you as an official mercenary contracted by the Empire. My men and I have things well in hand, I suggest you take some of this coin and enjoy a well deserved period of rest and relaxation. Leave the glory to those in the Imperial Army.

You have received 1 Imperial Sell Sword.

Carmichael tells you, It was all diversionary tactics! They wanted to draw our attention away from Dralnok's Doom. Jatell is a fool! Who knows what sort of malevolent power they have found or what their plans are now. I need to think. I'll come up with a strategy that should buy us time. I'm sorry, I had just sent you to deal with Jatell. Did all go well? The outpost is indeed safe then. Thank you. Take this as payment, it may only be a pittance, but its all I have spare at the moment. Rest. I will need you and many other gifted later. May Istara have mercy!

Leftenant Carmichael Kincaid no longer holds his steely resolve, he looks haggard and is pawing through maps with great haste..

You have received 1 Imperial Rank Token.


Target mobs[edit]