Ranger: Hunting the Direst Wolves

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Ranger: Hunting the Direst Wolves
Type: Adventure
Calimir the Bold 
Located at:
Required adventure school:
RangerElemental Archer 
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest:  
Next Quest: Calimir: Mani's BountyLearn to Make Dire Wolf Hide Grips 
Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Dire Wolf Hide

Ranger Calimir needs a new grip for his bow and has asked you gather the hide of the Dire Wolves in Selen Forest. Dire Wolf hide is extremely durable and makes excellent grips.

Quest text[edit]

Calimir tells you, Ranger, fortuitous timing indeed! I was about to leave to hunt Dire Wolves in the Selen Forest, but you may have saved me the journey. Several packs of Dire Wolves roam the forest and Dire Wolf hide is quite resilient and properly cured it can be used to make a firm and unyielding grip for your favorite bow. You have not heard of this before? Well, well. Tell you what, <player>, if you will travel to the forest in my place and bring back the hide of ten Dire Wolves I will help you make a hide grip for yourself.

Calimir tells you, Ah, the valiant Ranger returns with the hides! By the Clenched Fist, these are in excellent shape. It appears you took careful aim to avoid damaging the hides, good thinking <player>. The key to making a good grip is to get the best hides. Now, take these hides to Ciowiel and let her know that I sent you. Don't forget to ask her to make two grips!

Ciowiel tells you, Good day, <player>, what can I do for you? Hide Grips you say? For Calimir? Oh yes, they are quite easy to make. Do you have the hide? Good. I will take that from you and complete them shortly. Come back in a few minutes, <player>.

Ciowiel has finished making the Hide Grips..

Ciowiel tells you, Here you are! The grips you requested for Calimir are complete. Quite easy, Dire Wolf hide is tough and holds the threads well. See, look here, you can hardly see the seams at all!

You have received 1 Hide Grips.

Calimir tells you, Good, there you are <player>. You have the grips? Good good. Oh yes, these are good quality and will do nicely. Here, take this one and apply it to your own bow. Be sure and wrap it tightly so that it doesn't slip. Thank you for your help, Ranger.

You have received 1 Weapon Tech Kit: Calimir's Hide Grip.


  • Kill and harvest the hides from ten (10) Dire Wolves
  • Return to Calimir with the hides
  • Speak with Ciowiel about hide grips
  • Wait for Ciowiel to finish the grips
  • Speak with Ciowiel about the Hide Grips
  • Return to Calimir with the Hide Grips

Target Mobs[edit]