Sindenis Lavitien

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Sindenis Lavitien
Location: Feladan
Rating: 100
School: Elemental Archer
Health: 20
Coordinates: 25187 / 23214
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Sindenis tells you, Hello friend! I am Sindenis of the Order of Rangers, and a proud member of the School of Elemental Archers. You are welcome to the city of Feladan, reclaimed homeland of the Elves. It was only recently with the help of the Gifted that we returned home. And for that help we are grateful to them. If you wish to know more about the Order of Rangers, you should speak with Ranger-Captain Taurorond. Do you wish to become an Elemental Archer?

Sindenis Lavitien is a Elemental Archer trainer.

Quests available[edit]

Lore Quest: Legend of the Burning Archer0
Burning Archer: 01 - Find the First Scroll90
Burning Archer: 02 - Find the Second Scroll90
Burning Archer: 03 - Find the Third Scroll90
Burning Archer: 04 - Find the Fourth Scroll90
Burning Archer: 05 - Find the Fifth Scroll90
Burning Archer: 06 - Deliver the locket to Bastea90
Burning Archer: 07 - Speak with Tomas Alerras in Dalimond90
Burning Archer: 09 - Inform Sindenis of the Archwizard's Progress90
Burning Archer: 10 - Boards for Sindenis90
Burning Archer: 11 - Brew for Sindenis90
Burning Archer: 12 - Find out how Tomas and the Archwizard are doing90
Burning Archer: 13 - Speak with Bastea about the Locket90
Burning Archer: 14 - Investigate the origins of the locket90
Burning Archer: 16 - Find out if the Archwizard is nearing the end of his research90
Discover the Secrets of the Burning Archer90