The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard

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The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard
Type: Errand
Miner Jemmei Brocklebor 
Located at:
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Next Quest: The Perfect Rose Quartz Shard (Gangaf) 

While exacting a measure of revenge for Jemmei Brocklebor in Ashlander's Cauldron you came across a particularly curious shard of rose quartz. It probably bears some investigation of its properties.

Quest text[edit]

Jemmei tells you, What is this you have? A curious shard, this! *she turns it over, examining it closely* Crumblies! Do you realize what you have here? This may be a perfect shard, <player>! These are extremely rare and potentially potent if put to the proper use. Well now, what to do with this... Gangaf, yes, he'll be the one!

Jemmei tells you, <player>, a perfect shard such as this cannot be left to take up space in your pack or in some dusty vault. No! This must be Worked and its power harnessed. The person you should speak with would be Gangaf Tagley in Dalimond. If he doesn't know what to do with this, nobody will!

Gangaf tells you, Ranger, what brings you to my workshop? What is that you say, a perfect what? Curious, let me see it. Quickly! *he takes the shard and examines it* Very curious. *he then pulls a strange glass device out and looks -through- it at the shard* Entropy! What you have here, <player>, is indeed a Perfect Rose Quartz Shard.

Gangaf tells you, Yes, yes, you told me that already. But you only Suspected! Now we know for sure because I have Confirmed it. The question is, what do you want to do with it? There are many uses for Perfect Shards, <player>, not all of them particularly safe. Some of them are indeed rather benign. You would prefer a result that benefits you directly, yes? Let me think on this for a moment.

Gangaf tells you, Yes, yes, I know what we can do <player>! You see, Rose Quartz is born in the fires of a volcano. That is what Ashlander's Cauldron is. And so the best use of this shard would be to harness its inherent properties of fire. Yes, yes! I can see it now... We can work this shard so that you can add it to a shield or scale. Well, make your decision and return here to me when you are ready to begin.

You have received 1 Perfect Rose Quartz Shard.



  • Adventure Experience: 2500
  • Money: 2s 500c