Find the Lost Patrol

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Find the Lost Patrol
Type: Adventure
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A training patrol is missing! It was last seen on the road between Parsinia and Sslanis, but has not been heard from in some time.

Quest text[edit]

Mattias tells you, Great timing, <player>! The Brotherhood needs your assistance. Travel to Parsinia--it's on the western side of Lesser Aradoth--and speak with Sergeant Talinse of the Kion Militia.

Talinse tells you, <player>, the Militia has lost contact with one of its training patrols. They were patrolling the road between here and Sslanis, but they have not been heard from in some time. I need you to go out there and find out what happened to them.

It looks as though a battle took place near here. Ahead you can see a Tower controlled by the undead and one of the leaders, a creature you recognize from wanted posters as Commander Torrek. Take him out for the Militia and for the lost patrol! Be careful, he often travels with friends and you may need assistance to take him down!.

You have looted 1 Broken Patrol Weapons.

The Broken Patrol Weapons must be evidence surrounding the fate of the training patrol, they must be returned for further information..

Talinse tells you, It's as I feared. The undead have claimed more victims. Thank you for your help in this. At least the families of the patrol can have some peace of mind, now. Please take this coin and experience for your assistance. We will talk again when I have more for you to do.

You have received 1 Warrior's Edge I.


  • Speak with Sergeant Talinse in Parsinia
  • Travel south from Parsinia along the road and search for signs of the lost patrol! Be careful of the undead!
  • Gather your friends and defeat the creature known as Commander Torrek! Be sure and recover the Lost Patrol's Weapons.
  • Return with the Patrol's Weapons to Sergeant Talinse in Parsinia.

Target mobs[edit]