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Cargo Disk

Containers are used to sort and store items for transport. Backpacks / Scalepacks increase the amount of items and bulk a character is able to carry.

Available Formulas[edit]

Formula nameTier
Beginner Colored Deluxe Fabric Pouch1
Beginner Colored Fabric Pouch1
Beginner Deluxe Cargo Disk1
Beginner Dragon Scale Pack1
Beginner Fabric Backpack Pouch1
Beginner Fabric Sack1
Beginner Flying Cargo Disk1
Beginner Hide Satchel1
Beginner Knut's Cargo Disk1
Beginner Leather Backpack1
Beginner Nielenoss's Cargo Flyer1
Beginner Standard Cargo Disk1
Beginner Standish's Cargo Disk1
Beginner Standish's Deluxe Cargo Disk1
Beginner Tarbash's Cargo Disk1
Beginner Tarbash's Compact Cargo Disk1
Collection: Fabric Backpack Pouch - Basic Shades1
Collection: Fabric Backpack Pouch - Complex Shades1
Collection: Fabric Backpack Pouch - Metallic Shades2
Farmer Holcomb Portable Scroll Tote2
Collection: Fabric Backpack Pouch - Gemstone Shades3
Journeyman Colored Deluxe Fabric Pouch3
Journeyman Colored Fabric Pouch3
Journeyman Deluxe Cargo Disk3
Journeyman Dragon Scale Pack3
Journeyman Fabric Backpack Pouch3
Journeyman Fabric Sack3
Journeyman Flying Cargo Disk3
Journeyman Hide Satchel3
Journeyman Knut's Cargo Disk3
Journeyman Leather Backpack3
Journeyman Nielenoss's Cargo Flyer3
Journeyman Standard Cargo Disk3
Journeyman Standish's Cargo Disk3
Journeyman Standish's Deluxe Cargo Disk3
Journeyman Tarbash's Cargo Disk3
Journeyman Tarbash's Compact Cargo Disk3
Collection: Fabric Backpack Pouch - Azulyte Shades4
Collection: Fabric Backpack Pouch - Antique Shades5
Expert Colored Deluxe Fabric Pouch5
Expert Colored Fabric Pouch5
Expert Deluxe Cargo Disk5
Expert Dragon Scale Pack5
Expert Fabric Backpack Pouch5
Expert Fabric Sack5
Expert Flying Cargo Disk5
Expert Hide Satchel5
Expert Knut's Cargo Disk5
Expert Leather Backpack5
Expert Nielenoss's Cargo Flyer5
Expert Standard Cargo Disk5
Expert Standish's Cargo Disk5
Expert Standish's Deluxe Cargo Disk5
Expert Tarbash's Cargo Disk5
Expert Tarbash's Compact Cargo Disk5
Collection: Fabric Backpack Pouch - Unique Shades6
Epic Disk: Cargo Flyer of Drulkar's Flame6
Epic Disk: Master Crafter's Cargo Disk6
Master Colored Deluxe Fabric Pouch6
Master Colored Fabric Pouch6
Master Deluxe Cargo Disk6
Master Dragon Scale Pack6
Master Fabric Backpack Pouch6
Master Fabric Sack6
Master Flying Cargo Disk6
Master Knut's Cargo Disk6
Master Leather Backpack6
Master Nielenoss's Cargo Flyer6
Master Standard Cargo Disk6
Master Standish's Cargo Disk6
Master Standish's Deluxe Cargo Disk6
Master Tarbash's Cargo Disk6
Master Tarbash's Compact Cargo Disk6

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