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Hoard Items are items that increase a Dragon's hoard value. They are of no real use to Bipeds, but can be sold to Pawn Brokers or Dragon players for a reasonable price. The descriptions of these items often detail both Biped and Dragon history in the world of Istaria.

Available hoard items and their values[edit]

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nameTierHoard value
"The Tome of Draining Magic" by Khemarius425,000
Amber Azulyte Crystal Dragon Statue3800
Amulet of the Tribunal42,000
Ancient Banner of Palmyra2,500
Ancient Barasavian Breastplate540,000
Ancient Barasavian Crown680,000
Ancient Moraven Tome25,000
Ancient Palmyran Scroll54,000
Ancient Staff of the Sorcerer310,000
Ancient Sword of Vandus420,000
Antiquated Axe32,000
Antiquated Breastplate616,000
Antiquated Dagger1150
Antiquated Helm58,000
Antiquated Shield21,000
Antiquated Spear1500
Antiquated Sword44,000
Blight Crab Shell61,930
Brass Bell1400
Brass Coffer11,200
Brass Crown11,600
Brass Scepter12,000
Brass Urn1800
Bright Decorative Magical Orb41,600
Cedar Carved Chicken1200
Cerulean Azulyte Crystal Dragon Statue2400
Cotton Braided Rope3800
Crimson Azulyte Crystal Dragon Statue53,200
Daëlic Orb2,250
Dented Bell1100
Dim Decorative Magical Orb1200
Dimensional Scepter of Radiance50,000
Dwarven Axe20,000
Dwarven Dagger14,000
Dwarven Marriage Band46,000
Dwarven Scabbard32,000
Dwarven Shield26,000
Elm Carved Cow2400
Exquisite Bracelet23,000
Exquisite Earring11,500
Exquisite Mirror648,000
Exquisite Necklace6,000
Exquisite Orb524,000
Exquisite Ring412,000
Faded Shard of Emotion664,000
Figurine of Brobbet28,000
Flawless Amethyst2400
Flawless Aquamarine3800
Flawless Citrine3800
Flawless Diamond66,400
Flawless Emerald53,200
Flawless Fire Opal53,200
Flawless Garnet1200
Flawless Jade41,600
Flawless Jasper3800
Flawless Lapis Lazuli2400
Flawless Malachite1200
Flawless Opal41,600
Flawless Peridot53,200
Flawless Rose Quartz2400
Flawless Ruby66,400
Flawless Sapphire66,400
Flawless Topaz41,600
Flawless Turquoise1200
Flax Braided Rope1200
Forgotten Artifact (Rift Hoard)616,000
Glowing Decorative Magical Orb3800
Golden Bell31,600
Golden Coffer34,800
Golden Crown36,400
Golden Scepter38,000
Golden Urn33,200
Granite Dragon Statue3800
Imperial Bell12,800
Imperial Coffer38,400
Imperial Crown651,200
Imperial Scepter6864,000
Imperial Urn625,600
Ironsilk Braided Rope53,200
Kenaf Braided Rope3400
Kriballan Coffer2,500
Large Adamantium Ingot66,400
Large Bronze Ingot1200
Large Gold Ingot3800
Large Mithril Ingot53,200
Large Platinum Ingot41,600
Large Silver Ingot2400
Lilden Scepter2,750
Maple Carved Boar41,600
Marble Dragon Statue51,600
Memory Fragment632,000
Mutaku Urn2,000
Oak Carved Deer3800
Obsidian Dragon Statue41,600
Opal Ring500
Ornamental Axe34,000
Ornamental Breastplate632,000
Ornamental Helm516,000
Ornamental Shield22,000
Ornamental Spear11,000
Ornamental Sword48,000
Pale Decorative Magical Orb2400
Platinum Bell43,200
Platinum Coffer49,600
Platinum Crown412,800
Platinum Scepter416,000
Platinum Urn46,400
Prayer Scroll to Nyrevin200,000
Priceless Bracelet24,000
Priceless Earring12,000
Priceless Mirror664,000
Priceless Necklace38,000
Priceless Orb532,000
Priceless Ring416,000
Radiant Decorative Magical Orb66,400
Risen Gruok Tusk5635
Royal Bell56,400
Royal Coffer519,200
Royal Crown525,600
Royal Scepter532,000
Royal Urn512,800
Sandstone Dragon Statue1200
Shattered Snowback Wolf Claw31,500
Shining Decorative Magical Orb53,200
Silk Braided Rope41,600
Silvered Bell2800
Silvered Coffer22,400
Silvered Crown23,200
Silvered Scepter24,000
Silvered Urn21,600
Slate Dragon Statue2400
Steelsilk Braided Rope66,400
Stuffed Exotic Bird750
Stuffed Tropical Bird500
Thornwood Carved Scorpion66,400
Titian Azulyte Crystal Dragon Statue41,600
Travertine Dragon Statue66,400
Violet Azulyte Crystal Dragon Statue66,400
Viridian Azulyte Crystal Dragon Statue1200
Yew Carved Wolf53,200

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