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While the Armor value of Dragons grows with each adventure level it gains, as well as by consuming many hoard items. Dragons can also wear scales on top of their skin to gain more armor. While not a complete equivalent to Biped armor it does serve a similar function.

Basic info[edit]

All scales provide a base amount of defensive Armor. In addition to this base armor, scales can come in 6 statistic-boosting "flavors". For formulas and available items, please read the subcategories.

Scale slots[edit]

A dragon gains 10 scale slots and 1 claw slot. On the beginning of your adventures as a Dragon, you can only wear a scale on your chest. More slots will unlock as abilities at certain levels. Please refer to the abilities table on either of the dragon school's detail pages.

Available slots (click for more details):

Equipping info[edit]

When equipping scales, the player's currently active two schools are looked at. It does not matter if your Dragon Crafter school is higher then Dragon Adventurer, this makes it possible to gain acces to a full set of Tier 5 scales by reaching lvl 90 Dragon Crafter (You can wear Tier 5 from lvl 80, but don't get the Tail Slot until you reach lvl 90). This might create problems when switching to a lower level school like Dragon Lairshaper. So it might be advisable to keep both active schools close together.

Crafting info[edit]

Scales are crafted at Dragon Scale Forges or Anvils, with the use of the Dragon Scalecraft ability. Depending on the statistical "flavor" of the scale, it can require Bricks or Bars of the appropriate tier. Strength and Power scales require bricks, Dexterity and Focus require bars, and Armor and Health require half of each.

Unlike Spells, applying techniques to a scale while crafting it increases the skill required by the tier of the technique * 10. It has no effect of the equipping requirements of the scale.

Technique info[edit]

All scales are allowed a standard set of offensive, defensive, crafting, and statistic-boosting Techniques, with a few exceptions:

Scale Type Socket
Back Scale None
Chest Scale Armor Socketing
Head Scale Jewelry Socketing
Hindleg Scale None
Foreleg Scale Armor Socketing
Tail Scale None
Wing Scale None
Combat Claw Claw Socketing, Weapon Socketing
Tool Claw Claw Socketing, Tool Socketing

Usable techniques[edit]

These techniques can be applied to dragon scales.
Jewelry Socketing (Head Scale)
Armor Socketing (Chest and Foreleg Scale)
Technique Kits
Razor Teeth (Head Scale)
Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Piercing Winds (Wings)
Adventure: Dragon Breath
Adventure: Eminence (Chest Scale)
Adventure: Primal
Adventure: Tooth and Claw
Adventure: Primal Vengeance (Chest Scale)
Adventure: Vital Defiance (Chest Scale)
Armor Dye
All Armor Dye Kits are useable
Craft: Crystalshaping
Craft: Essence Harvesting
Craft: Essence Shaping
Craft: Gemworking
Craft: Lairshaping
Craft: Mining
Craft: Quarrying
Craft: Salvaging
Craft: Scalecraft
Craft: Smelting
Craft: Spellcraft
Craft: Stoneworking
Craft: Transmutation
Craft: Dragon Crafter's Boon
Craft: Miner's Boon
Craft: Scholar's Boon
Craft: Spellcrafter's Boon
Defense: Armor
Defense: Blight Resistance
Defense: Blight Ward
Defense: Crush Resistance
Defense: Crush Ward
Defense: Energy Resistance
Defense: Energy Ward
Defense: Ethereal Armor
Defense: Flame Resistance
Defense: Flame Ward
Defense: Ice Resistance
Defense: Ice Ward
Defense: Life Resistance
Defense: Life Ward
Defense: Mind Resistance
Defense: Mind Ward
Defense: Nature Resistance
Defense: Nature Ward
Defense: Pierce Resistance
Defense: Pierce Ward
Defense: Primal Resistance
Defense: Primal Ward
Defense: Slash Resistance
Defense: Slash Ward
Defense: Spirit Resistance
Defense: Spirit Ward
Statistic: Dexterity (not for Dexterity Scales)
Statistic: Focus (not for Focus Scales)
Statistic: Health (not for Health Scales)
Statistic: Power (not for Power Scales)
Statistic: Speed (Wing Scale)
Statistic: Strength (not for Strength Scales)
Statistic: Velocity (Wing Scale)
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