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Crystals are special items, obtained through looting mobs and completing quests, that boost stats and skills while equipped in specially techniqued items. They can increase the user’s defenses (resistance and ward), crafting, or attack power, and even grant the user special abilities that trigger randomly. Crystals crafted by dragons in the Crystalshaper school are consumable, destroying the crystal but granting the user temporary bonuses that are often stronger than any passive crystal effect. These bonuses last for an hour, and tend to boost one stat while lowering another. Using cogs in this manner can also give experience in the user’s current crafting or adventuring school.

Crafters can add crystal sockets to items they create as follows: Jewelry, Tool, Weapon, or Armor. Characters can then place crystals/cogs in these sockets.

You can find crystals in Chests (including Mimics), Animates (Fyakki, Maggots, Kwellen, Myloc, Hounds - such as Blight Hounds or Frosthounds) and Constructs (Abominations, Aegror, Vexator, Automaton). Mobs within Dralnok's Doom have a different loot table set than same level/tier outside due to things such as Dragon Journals, Dwarven Relics, etc.

Crystal types[edit]

Crystals are used in sockets and come in four different types. They add a boon when placed inside an equipped, socketed item.

  • Armor Crystal, for Armor Head-gear, Armor Chest-gear, Dragon Chest Scale and Dragon Foreleg Scale
  • Jewelry Crystal, for Necklace and Head Scales
  • Tool Crystal, for Tools and Dragon Tool Claws
  • Weapon Crystal, for Weapons and Dragon Claws

Crystal level requirements and xp gain[edit]

Crystals can only be used if you match the requirements. Below table shows the generic level ranges and crystal types. However, there are some other crystals which have individual requirements.

Type Minimum Level XP
  • Dim
  • Greater Dim
  • Light/Dark Garnet
  • Light/Dark Malachite
  • Light/Dark Turquoise
1 100
  • Dusky
10 250
  • Pale
  • Light/Dark Amethyst
  • Light
20 500
  • Pallid
30 1000
  • Glowing
  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine
  • Jasper
40 2000
  • Gleaming
50 4000
  • Bright
  • Jade
  • Topaz
60 8000
  • Beaming
70 16000
  • Shining
  • Emerald
  • Fire Opal
  • Peridot
80 32000
  • Shimmering
90 64000
  • Radiant
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Diamond
100 128000


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