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About Elteria Shadowhand[edit]

Elteria Shadowhand Signature.png

  • Plays on Chaos shard
  • purrified Saris
  • Proud member of the <Scarlet Dawn> Guild


Alternative Characters[edit]

  • Carmelia Truesong (do not /tell!)
  • Tinder Sporeclaw
  • Tindre Thunderclaw

My main tasks on Istaria Lexica[edit]

  • Server hardware management
  • Domain / Backup tasks
  • Page maintenance (such as deletion jobs, helping new users, cleaning cat litter box, ...)
  • Reading log files (argh!)
  • Template development (if you need any..)
  • WikiEditor / WikiCode guru (if you need help..)
  • Adding content, of course!
  • Kicking spammer's asses
  • Kicking hamster's asses (no, not the istaria ones!)
  • Scripting guru:
    • Converting big batches of data into (200+) articles or.... litter?
    • Developing bots and their tasks
    • MediaWiki Extensions and modifications
    • Page layout

My subpages: