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Machines are needed by crafting schools to refine Resources or craft Constructions, Armor, Weapons, Dragon Scales, Spells, Tools, and so on. Machines are found all over the world.

Bipedal shops[edit]

Machines on player owned plots give a bonus to the related skills. The bonus is only available while using the appropriate machine.

Player owned machines Skill bonus
Beginner +25
Journeyman +50
Expert +75

Dragon shops[edit]

Helian Machines and Lunus Machines in player owned lairs add a tier related bonus for dragons to the appropriate skills.

Player owned machines Skill bonus
Tier 1 +15
Tier 2 +30
Tier 3 +45
Tier 4 +60
Tier 5 +75
Tier 6 +90

Available Machines[edit]