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Titles are special abilities, granting your character's name an additional suffix or prefix. Some of the titles deliver passive or active bonuses to your character.


Titles are obtained through quest rewards.

Some of them are also bought from NPCs like Town Marshalls. However, beware that emblems from Town Marshall is usually for people who accidentally deleted their emblem and is meant as a replacement only. You almost always still need to have completed the appropriate quest that rewarded it in the first place. When you trade a Town Marshal ALWAYS make sure the "Usable" column says YES before purchasing.

Available titles[edit]

Harbinger of Fear
Title: A Reel FishermanEarn Title: A Reel Fisherman
Title: AFK Away from Keyboard
Title: Antidote ExpertEarn Title: Antidote Expert
Title: Apprentice FishermanEarn Title: Apprentice Fisherman
Title: Avenger of the Iron GuardEarn Title: Avenger of the Iron Guards
Title: Balit's FriendKill the Werewolf Named Eyetooth
Title: Beetle CrusherEarn Title: Beetle Crusher
Title: Beetle SquisherEarn Title: Beetle Squisher
Title: Beetle SwatterEarn Title: Beetle Swatter
Title: Blights' Bane
Title: Bloodletters' BaneSslanis Militia: The Bloodletters (Part 3)
Title: Breaker of ChainsEarn Title: Falgut the Slaver - Breaker of Chains
Title: Bringer of Light
Title: Bringer of Storms
Title: Champion of the Imperial ArmyImperial Army: The Assault
Title: Champion of the Iron GuardEarn Title: Champion of the Iron Guards
Title: ChefRare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!
Title: Confessor of the Clerical OrderEarn Title: Confessor of the Clerical Order
Title: Creepy Crawler CrusherEarn Title: Creepy Crawler Crusher
Title: Crystal-SmasherEarn Title: Crystal Smasher
Title: Curate of the Clerical OrderEarn Title: Curate of the Clerical Order
Title: Defender of New TrismusNew Trismus 12: The Summoning Ritual
Title: Defender of SslanisDefense of Sslanis: Storming the Dead
Title: Defender of the Iron GuardEarn Title: Defender of the Iron Guards
Title: Demon Lord
Title: Demon SlayerEarn Title: Son of Gigaroth - Demon Slayer
Title: Demons' MenaceEarn Title: Son of Gigaroth - Demons' Menace
Title: Drulkar's Flame - BattleMaster RankDrulkar's Flame: BattleMaster Rank
Title: Drulkar's Flame - Battler RankJoin Drulkar's Flame
Title: Drulkar's Flame - Brawler RankDrulkar's Flame: Brawler Rank
Title: Drulkar's Flame - Grand Warlord RankDrulkar's Flame: Grand Warlord Rank
Title: Drulkar's Flame - Warlord RankDrulkar's Flame: Warlord Rank
Title: Dung ReekingEarn Title: Dung Fighter Title the Second
Title: Dung SplatteredEarn Title: Dung Fighter Title the First
Title: Dung of Eternal StenchEarn Title: Dung Fighter Title the Third
Title: Enemy of AutomationEarn Title: Enemy of Automation
Title: Enemy of BioscholarsEarn Title: Enemy of Bioscholars
Title: Enemy of TechnomancersEarn Title: Enemy of Technomancers
Title: Envoy of Aubadrine
Title: Etcher of Murals
Title: ExecutionerShau's Wrath
Title: Expert Alchemist
Title: Expert Armorer
Title: Expert Blacksmith
Title: Expert Carpenter
Title: Expert Confectioner
Title: Expert Crystalshaper
Title: Expert Dragon Crafter
Title: Expert Enchanter
Title: Expert Fitter
Title: Expert Fletcher
Title: Expert Gatherer
Title: Expert Jeweler
Title: Expert Lairshaper
Title: Expert Mason
Title: Expert Miner
Title: Expert Outfitter
Title: Expert Scholar
Title: Expert Spellcrafter
Title: Expert Tailor
Title: Expert Tinkerer
Title: Expert Weaponsmith
Title: Expert Weaver
Title: Explorer of the DeepEarn Title: Shaloth the Queen - Explorer of the Deep
Title: ExterminatorEarn Title: Exterminator
Title: Eye of the TigerEpic: Way of the Dark Tiger
Title: Eyes of the Pure
Title: FirestarterEarn Title: Surtheim - Firestarter
Title: FishermanEarn Title: Fisherman
Title: Fly SwatterEarn Title: Muck Fly Swatter
Title: For Sale
Title: Free Grant
Title: Friend of SpiritsThe Floating Island Portal
Title: Friend of the NorthAmtoo's Failure III
Title: Friend of the SarisStory: A Disturbance of Spirit (Conclusion)
Title: Friend of the SatyrRelics of a Dead People
Title: Frost's Bane
Title: Gnome WalkerLost In The Dusk
Title: Grand Master Crafter
Title: Grand Master Dragon CrafterMark of the Grand Master Dragon Crafter
Title: Grave-DiggerEarn Title: Grave-Digger
Title: Guardian of Kaasha
Title: Helian's ProtectorHelian's Tomb: Final Desecration
Title: Hero of KaiyarThe Ruin of Nazderon
Title: High Confessor of the Clerical OrderEarn Title: High Confessor of the Clerical Order
Title: Higher Prelate of the Clerical OrderEarn Title: Higher Prelate of the Clerical Order
Title: Honored Knight of CreationKnight of Creation: The Challenge
Title: Hooked on Fishin'Earn Title: Hooked on Fishin'
Title: Imperial Sell SwordDelgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire
Title: Infernal ExecutionerEarn Title: Son of Gigaroth - Infernal Executioner
Title: Interior Decorator
Title: Investigator
Title: Iron ConfectionerThe Iron Confectioner
Title: Journeyman Lairshaper
Title: Keeper of the HeartEarn Title: Shaloth the Queen - Keeper of the Heart
Title: KeymakerEarn Title: Keymaker
Title: KeymasterEarn Title: Keymaster
Title: Kion MilitiaCarry Warnings to Other Militias
Title: Kion Militia Rank - CorporalKion Militia: Victory (Biped)
Title: Kion Militia Rank - PrivateKion Militia: Assault at the Gate
Title: Knowledge SeekerRelic Hunter: Learn about the Lost Settlement
Title: LFG Looking for Group
Title: Lesser Prelate of the Clerical OrderEarn Title: Lesser Prelate of the Clerical Order
Title: Looking For Role-Play
Title: Lore MasterEarn Title: Lore Master
Title: Lore SeekerEarn Title: Lore Seeker
Title: Master Builder
Title: Master Lairshaper
Title: Matriarch of the Clerical OrderEarn Title: Matriarch of the Clerical Order
Title: Member of the Clerical OrderThe Holy Symbols
Title: Myloc HunterEarn Title: Myloc Hunter
Title: Myloc SlayerEarn Title: Myloc Slayer
Title: Mylocs' BaneEarn Title: Mylocs' Bane
Title: Nemesis of the MylocsGaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 5)
Title: Oakwood's SaviorImperial Army: The Package
Title: Of Dereth
Title: Of the Helian
Title: Of the Lunus
Title: Painter of Masks
Title: Patriarch of the Clerical OrderEarn Title: Patriarch of the Clerical Order
Title: Private of the Iron GuardDralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings
Title: Protector of the PastHoly Symbols: The Tomb of Ashlander
Title: PurifierEarn Title: Purifier
Title: Relic HunterEarn Title: Relic Hunter
Title: Relic ProtectorEarn Title: Relic Protector
Title: Research Assistant
Title: Resident
Title: Resident Statue
Title: Rhapsodist of Rhyme
Title: Ruxus Wrecker
Title: Sanguine WardenEarn Title: Valkor the Impaler - Sanguine Warden
Title: Savior of the SatyrThe Satyr: The Machine of Inhibition
Title: Scorpion HunterEarn Title: Scorpion Hunter
Title: Scorpion SlayerEarn Title: Scorpion Slayer
Title: Scorpions' BaneEarn Title: Scorpions' Bane
Title: Scourge of the CultsThe Plague: Source (Part 3)
Title: Skulk AvengerEarn Title: Skulk Avenger
Title: Skulk SlayerEarn Title: Skulk Slayer
Title: Slayer of Chickens"Farmer" Idamons Chicken Troubles II
Title: Sleeper's TalonEarn Title: Memory of Elial - Sleeper's Talon
Title: Spider SlayerEarn Title: Spider Slayer
Title: Spinner of Tales
Title: Sslanis Militia Rank - Feather-GuardSslanis Militia: Outrage in the Jungle
Title: Storm MasterStorm Disciple: The Way of the Storm
Title: The AnglerEarn Title: The Angler
Title: The BraveKill Red Tusks
Title: The ExperiencedLoyalty: Title - The Experienced
Title: The HonoredLoyalty: Title - The Honored
Title: The ImmortalLoyalty: Title - The Immortal
Title: The JustPlundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest (Conclusion)
Title: The Living DeadGelrick's Fragments of Emblem
Title: The LoyalEarn Title: General Reklar Plaguebearer - Loyal
Title: The MatureLoyalty: Title - The Mature
Title: The PerpetualLoyalty: Title - The Perpetual
Title: The PreservationistAratanosh: Memories of the Elders
Title: The PrimordinalLoyalty: Title - The Primordial
Title: The RespectedShau's Grief: Taur-el Honored
Title: The Riddle SolverDaily Riddle: The Blacksmith and the Emperor
Title: The ShattererEarn Title: The Shatterer
Title: The VenerableLoyalty: Title - The Venerable
Title: The VeteranLoyalty: Title - The Veteran
Title: The Wings of the Night
Title: Tomb Seeker
Title: Touched by FlameEarn Title: Surtheim - Touched by Flame
Title: Treasure HunterEarn Title: Treasure Hunter
Title: Treasure PlundererEarn Title: Treasure Plunderer
Title: Truth-finderRevion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 5)
Title: Unsung HeroDelgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Need A Hero
Title: Vandus MilitiaThe Forest Skulk Threat II
Title: Vandus' SwordEarn Title: General Reklar Plaguebearer - Vandus' Sword
Title: Vengeance ServedShau's Vengeance: Vengeance Concluded (Part 2)
Title: VindicatorShau's Mercy
Title: Weaver of Banners
Title: Werewolf HunterThe Darkness at Dusk (Part 4)
Title: Wolf HunterRanger: Wolf Hunter
Title: the Bite of WinterEarn Title: Gruk the Frigid - Bite of Winter
Title: the BlightedEarn Title: Fafnir the Defiler - Blighted
Title: the BurnedEarn Title: Surtheim - Burned
Title: the ChampionEarn Title: General Reklar Plaguebearer - Champion
Title: the ChroniclerEarn Title: Memory of Elial - Chronicler
Title: the DivinerEarn Title: Son of Gigaroth - Diviner
Title: the EmancipatorEarn Title: Falgut the Slaver - Emancipator
Title: the FreeEarn Title: Falgut the Slaver - Free
Title: the GiftedTrials of the Gifted: The Trials Completed
Title: the GlaciatedEarn Title: Gruk the Frigid - Glaciated
Title: the HoundmasterEarn Title: Fafnir the Defiler - Houndmaster
Title: the InsaneEarn Title: Memory of Elial - Insane
Title: the KnightEarn Title: General Reklar Plaguebearer - Knight
Title: the LiberatorEarn Title: Falgut the Slaver - Liberator
Title: the Light in the DarkEarn Title: Shaloth the Queen - Light in the Dark
Title: the LoyalEarn Title: General Reklar Plaguebearer - Loyal
Title: the ManicEarn Title: Daknor the Berserk - Manic
Title: the MasochistEarn Title: Avatar of Pain - Masochist
Title: the MastermindEarn Title: Project X - Mastermind
Title: the MercenaryEarn Title: Memory of Elial - Mercenary
Title: the MournerEarn Title: Valkor the Impaler - Mourner
Title: the RecklessEarn Title: Daknor the Berserk - Reckless
Title: the RegicidalEarn Title: Shaloth the Queen - Regicidal
Title: the SaboteurEarn Title: Project X - Saboteur
Title: the SadistEarn Title: Avatar of Pain - Sadist
Title: the SaviorEarn Title: Falgut the Slaver - Savior
Title: the ScaldedEarn Title: Surtheim - Scalded
Title: the ShieldbreakerEarn Title: Son of Gigaroth - Shieldbreaker
Title: the SingedEarn Title: Surtheim - Singed
Title: the SpiritualEarn Title: Shaloth the Queen - Spiritual
Title: the TimekeeperEarn Title: Memory of Elial - Timekeeper
Title: the TormentedEarn Title: Valkor the Impaler - Tormented
Title: the TorturedEarn Title: Valkor the Impaler - Tortured
Title: the ValorousEarn Title: General Reklar Plaguebearer - Valorous
Title: the WickedEarn Title: Valkor the Impaler - Wicked

Available passive title bonuses[edit]

Available active bonuses[edit]

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