Category:Deletion requests

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Wiki pages may only be deleted by priviledged users. The articles shown here are in the queue for deletion. Enlisted pages represent user requests for 'to be deleted' articles. This is used to give users a chance to review the requests and react. They may comment on the request or even revert it.

To add a page to this category properly, please read the Template:Delete documentation.

Administrators visit regularly and review/delete the articles after a period of time (should be at least 7 days).


  • If you agree / disagree with the deletion and want to discuss it, add your comment to the {{delete}} template in the article.
  • Don't forget to provide your name and a timestamp (use ~~~~).
  • Do not debate directly. If you would like to discuss the issue with the requesting person, write them using their talk page.
  • You may revert the request by removing the {{delete}} template, please add a founded reason into the edit summary.

This category currently contains no pages or media.