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Questlines are a set of quests depending on each other. Once you've finished one of the quests, another one follows up until the line is finished. Usually the final quests are rewarded with titles, cool items or another quest line.

Available quest lines[edit]

Questline nameStarts atQuest name
A Disturbance of Spirit questlineSpirit of Ryson Stormbringer (Kion)Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 1)
Blackhammer Farmstead questlineTandor BlackhammerBlackhammer: Protect the Farm
Bruttien Homestead questlineCaepio BruttienCaepio's Troubles I
Burning Archer questlineSindenis LavitienDiscover the Secrets of the Burning Archer
Cleric's Tower questlineScholar Kayl ReynosCleric's Tower: Ancient Wrappings
Delgarath Militia questlineLeftenant Carmichael KincaidDelgarath Militia: Scout the Surrounding Area
Dragon Breath questlineSemeneth the Ancient
Valkoth the Ancient
Breath of Ice: Alter Your Breath Weapon Type
Dralnok's Doom questlineCaptain Jarthur IronbeardDralnok's Doom (Chapter 1): The Fate of Dralnok
Fall Festival questline
Fall of Tazoon questlineSergeant Joseah TalbotFall of Tazoon: Introduction
Fiery Rift questlineRistef the PeacemakerThe Council's Concerns
Floating Island questlineBattleMaster TalaurukarWithin the Destroyed City
Forest Skulk questlinePrivate Elissa MalnaElissa Malna: Lost Cargo Disk
Forest of Troubles questlineAndorr the LumberjackForest of Troubles (Part 1)
Gaileach questlineGaileachGaileach: The Myloc Threat (Part 1)
Gnomekindle questline
Guild of the Artifact Hunters questlineBoltoroLore Quest: The Vielo
Helian Ancient Rite of PassageKarane the HistorianARoP01 - Council of Ancients - Seek the Elders
Helian Rite of PassageKarane the HistorianBecoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your Path
Helian's Tomb questlineArchbishop Tomas AguaPlundered Tombs: The Tomb of Helian
Holy Symbols questlineCleric Beccan TandisHoly Symbols: The Tomb of Borannis
Imperial Army questlineScout SselithImperial Army: Introduction
Imperial Bank questlineVaultkeeperImperial Bank: Vault Upgrade I
Imperial Outpost questlineScout BurrisImperial Army: Disturbances I
Iron Guard questlineCaptain Jarthur IronbeardIron Guard: Disturbing Rumors
Isle of the Drowned questlineScale-Guard KerrakSslanis Militia: Quakes and Disturbances (Part 1)
Kion Militia questlineSpirit of Ryson Stormbringer (Kion)Kion Militia: The South Gate
Lunus Ancient Rite of PassageKarane the HistorianARoP01 - Council of Ancients - Seek the Elders
Lunus Rite of PassageKarane the HistorianBecoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your Path
Monk disciple questlineHasera SteelclawMonk: The Initiate's Trial
New Rachival questlineGuard-Captain Bixben LindnottinThe Renegades
New Trismus questlineSteward Pratt McGrubbenNew Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battleground
Niesa's Draught questlineGiltekh FramtorHonoring An Old Friend (Part 1)
Niesa's Fate questlineGiltekh FramtorNiesa's Fate (Part 1)
Plundered Tombs questlineCouncilman Micklin VandusThe Plundered Tombs: Introduction
Rangers in Danger questlineCommander Jaleo DevinsRangers in Danger: Ishalin's Camp
Relic Hunter questlineSergeant Bramdin JonisThe Missing Archaeologists
Relic Preserver questlineKhalatorinRelic Preserver: Recover Artifacts within the Ruins
Shau in Exile questlineEmperor ShauShau: The Price of Power
Shau's Grief questlineEmperor ShauShau's Grief: Introduction
Shau's Vengeance questlineEmperor ShauShau's Vengeance: Introduction
Skalkaar questlineSpitfyre
Source of Power QuestlineDreveonSource of Power: Discover the Source
Spring Festival questlineSsaulios
Sslanis Militia questlineScale-Guard KerrakSslanis Militia: The Town Stores
Summer Festival questlineFestival Lore Keeper
The Cult of Nazderon questlineCurate Teana PluireanThe Plague of Nazderon (Part 1)
The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient questlineSeldon the SearcherThe Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient
The Werewolf ArcTalbain StyrlakrProve Your Worth at Wolf Hunting
Tower of Healing questlineHigh Confessor OrlinnPacifying the Angry (Part 1)
Tower of Nature questlineClarissa the Defender of the GroveDruidic Order: Protect the Tower
Tradok's Stand questlineCorporal Tradok SteelshanksTradok: Carry Word to Delgarath
Vandus Confederation questlineCouncilman Micklin VandusVandus Confederation: The Withered Aegis Threat
Winter Vale questline