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The world of Istaria is a big one. There are lots of locations, being spread over continents and islands. Populated locations, like cities or settlements are often linked to each other with a portal. Some of them are locked while most are accessible from the beginning of your journey.

To unlock portals for your character, you need to solve attunement quests.

Attunement quests[edit]

Here is a full list of available gatekeepers.

NameStarts withRaceLevel
Attune to the Fiery RiftV'Tieru the GatekeeperDragon80
Attunement to AedanBattleMaster GerixDragon21
Attunement to DelgarathSergeant Dylan0
Attunement to DrakulGrand Warlord Umbelroth of Mithril Wings1
Attunement to Eastern OutpostSergeant Akkator85
Attunement to Guild of the Artifact HuntersBeloa0
Attunement to Imperial OutpostFrig Tallowgar100
Attunement to Island of Ice Expedition CampGiltekh Framtor0
Attunement to Islands of BattleMaster Akalivar0
Attunement to Islands of Ice and FireDantor the Scout0
Attunement to Serenity - Collecting BonesKaliphar1
Attunement to Serenity - Collecting Unblemished BonesKaliphar1
Attunement to South GateBarmos the Empty1
Attunement: Abandoned IslandMaster Jon Parkh0
Attunement: AiyaAikhar the Seer0
Attunement: AkletValkoth the AncientDragon0
Attunement: DikainaMaster Dikaina0
Attunement: DraendelSemeneth the Ancient0
Attunement: FalathienAikhar the Seer70
Attunement: FaldesukValkoth the AncientDragon0
Attunement: GraylingMaster Grayling0
Attunement: HarroMaster Harro0
Attunement: Harton ValleyMaster Harton Valley0
Attunement: Island of AlgedArchaeologist (Alged)0
Attunement: Island of CorvusArchaeologist (Corvus)0
Attunement: Island of DahibiArchaeologist (Dahibi)0
Attunement: Island of ElnathArchaeologist (Elnath)0
Attunement: Jessie's GlenSemeneth the Ancient0
Attunement: Kir'DrakulValkoth the AncientDragon0
Attunement: Kir'IgnatValkoth the AncientDragon0
Attunement: LerenaRanger Alleera1
Attunement: Marae'kulSemeneth the Ancient0
Attunement: MeadowhillMaster Morning Light1
Attunement: Morning LightMaster Morning Light1
Attunement: Nu'delakValkoth the Ancient0
Attunement: OnosValkoth the AncientDragon0
Attunement: PyrakisValkoth the Ancient0
Attunement: Sar'zeilSemeneth the Ancient0
Attunement: SelenMaster Selen0
Attunement: SoklifakValkoth the AncientDragon0
Attunement: SriSemeneth the Ancient0
Attunement: Winter ValeFibble Brunt, Quartermaster1
Char: Attunement to DesokulResearcher Nyjia0
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to BristugoSergeant Bramdin Jonis1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Central ValleyPrivate Eilin Abbath1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to ChiconisClerash1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to DalimondCouncilman Micklin Vandus1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to HeartSergeant Nansi Illos1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Helian's TombBattlemaster OrthondrinDragon21
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Izzon CrestPrivate Bryne Johanns0
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to King's CrossPrivate Alis Talor1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Observatory OutpostSergeant Ral Ortos1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Pleasant CanyonAngenehm0
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Sable ShoresPrivate Elissa Malna1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to South MarchPrivate Thom Hanlon0
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Spire's GatePrivate Jamis Tanns1
Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Spire's TrailPrivate Tod Lannis1
Destination: Spirit IsleSteward Pratt McGrubbenSaris
Draak Attunement: The Lost ColonyBrysmendrikDragon0
Fall of Tazoon: Imperial ArmySergeant Joseah Talbot45
Feladan Forest: Attunement to FeladanMaster Tareviel1
Feladan Forest: Attunement to Forest GuardLyari Gilris0
Feladan Forest: Attunement to North SelenFaeranduil Ianpeiros0
Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to Frost BoulderPykhanis the Sentinel0
Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to FrostwatchSentinel-Guide Lemnus0
Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to KirasanctMaakhil the Sentinel0
Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to MorathavenTress Lazorn0
Kirasanct Tundra: Attunement to Winter's PeakBurt Draim0
Lesser Aradoth: Attunement to BridgeviewPrivate Asenath1
Lesser Aradoth: Attunement to ParsiniaPrivate Vortis0
Lesser Aradoth: Attunement to SslanisScale-Guard Kerrak1
Lesser Aradoth: Attunement to Upper BridgeviewPrivate Asenath1
Mahagra Region: Attunement to MahagraGruntour1
Orthondrin: Helian's TrustBattlemaster OrthondrinSaris
Tazoon Region: Attunement to AubadorMayor Gantos Goldshinder0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Desert's EdgeGuard Heber Fiddletok0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to DryartFelnith0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to DuskholdTarrinis0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Granite HillsLeyala0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to HeatherFibblegar Fidget0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Imperial Army CampLieutenant Frathoom Bakhtor1
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Sanctuary BayLorn Brast0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Shelter PassExplorer Jayson Alians0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to TishlarPrivate Valn Saerig0
Tazoon Region: Attunement to Tower of HealingConfessor Tel Orthess0
Trandalar Attunement: Aroah's LeapBjarn of Trandalar40
Trandalar Attunement: Aroah's Leap (craft)Bjorn of Trandalar0
Trandalar Attunement: Brandon's ShelfBjarn of Trandalar40
Trandalar Attunement: Brandon's Shelf (craft)Bjorn of Trandalar0
Trandalar Attunement: Rift's EdgeBjarn of Trandalar40
Trandalar Attunement: Rift's Edge (craft)Bjorn of Trandalar0
Trandalar Attunement: Valley of ReposeBjarn of Trandalar40
Trandalar Attunement: Valley of Repose (craft)Bjorn of Trandalar0
Trandalar Attunement: Valley of the MoonBjarn of Trandalar40
Trandalar Attunement: Valley of the Moon (craft)Bjorn of Trandalar0