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The creatures of Istaria are many and varied, and can be found in every corner of the land. Some won't attack you; some guard precious resources; and some just want to say "hello" in their own special way! While most of the non intelligent creatures leave you alone there are much more dangerous enemies around. Undead creatures will attack you on sight and, of course, they bring a few friends for the feast. You better take to one's heels then!

Crafting persons are able to harvest some of the creatures for resources like leather, hide, stone, metal and so on. Every creature in Istaria has it's own use. While fighting them you may find some of their leftovers, which are quite valuable for vendors, crafters or even other adventurers.

There are different niveaus of creatures in Istaria. Some encounters are very hard so you may bring some friends with you:

  • Critters: Foot folks if you like. Easy creatures which you will handle alone, as long as they are within your already learned skills. Critters are shown at the lower part of this page.
  • Named Creatures: Some critters are guarded by 'alpha monsters'. You will find them having real names (ex. Bessie). That probably makes them harder to engage.
  • Undead Creatures: Undead creatures appear both as critters and named creatures. Though they are not as easy to handle. Most of them appear in groups and they got alot special abilities to make your life way uneasy. But still, fighting them may end in valuable rewards.
  • Epic Creatures: Epic Monsters are the most dangerous encounters. Without a reasonable group you will fail at any time. Knowledge about the enemy is a must have and the heroes better be experienced adventurers. Epic Monsters are known to open up ways to create very mighty items to your benefit.


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