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Travertine Chest Mimic.jpg

Mimics are creatures that resemble Treasure Chests, they are used as traps to kill uncautioners adventurers that think this might be a chests with valuables in them. If someone tries to open them, they will attack.

All Mimics (23), ordered by tier[edit]

Adamantium Chest Mimic1128,11646,228
Blue Present15
Bronze Chest Mimic10
Cedar Chest Mimic10
Cobalt Chest Mimic7021,13529,880
Elm Chest Mimic3018,04517,890
Granite Chest Mimic5028,19536,630
Green Present35
Iron Chest Mimic3018,04517,890
Maple Chest Mimic7021,13529,880
Marble Chest Mimic9121,13529,880
Mithril Chest Mimic9121,13529,880
Oak Chest Mimic5028,19536,630
Obsidian Chest Mimic7021,13529,880
Orange Present55
Purple Present75
Red Present150
Sandstone Chest Mimic10
Slate Chest Mimic3018,04517,890
Steel Chest Mimic5028,19536,630
Thornwood Chest Mimic1128,11646,228
Travertine Chest Mimic1128,11646,228
Yew Chest Mimic9121,13529,880