Player Made Mods

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Below is a list of game modifications and tools. These are created by players and may not be absolutely compatible to the game. If you encounter any problems your best bet is to contact the authors or other players on the official community boards. Each article below contains detailed information about the authors, as far as they are known.

Another good resource for mods is

If you know of any missing modifications, feel free to leave a comment in the talk page, or contact an administrator.

Please be aware on what you do[edit]

Alot of mods are not compatible to each other. That is because some of the files you install may have been installed by another mod prior.

Here are some basic hints for installation:

  • Mods are installed in the resources_override directory, never the resources folder.
    • Background: on patch day, the istaria launcher will replace all manipulated files located in resources, but not in resources_override.
  • Watch what you're copying!
    • Some of the downloadable zip files come with erroreous folder structures.
    • Refer to the mod article on Istaria Lexica for hints, or the official resource linked on our article.
    • If Windows asks if you want to overwrite a file it is better to stop here and compare the source and destination file.
    • Incase those files do not match, an existing mod conflicts with yours. You must merge them to be able to use both mods.
    • Merging is sometimes complicated, you will want to ask for help on the official community board or your preferred personal game-modder. :-)
  • Some of the mods are very, very old (back to 2004!). Since the game client structure has changed in all those years they may not work as expected.
  • Some of the older mods may have become obsolete, because they were added into the official client inbetween. If you encounter these, let us know it! Contact an administrator or leave a text on the talk page!

Counted 63 mods.

Tool / Mod nameModification typeDescription
Alternate Mouth Claw and Horn Colors3D-model ModProvides some alternate mouth, claw, and horn colors for dragons.
Bigger font in chat entry barGUI ModRaises chat entry bar to show a big, better readable font while writing.
Black hotkey barsGUI ModRemoves the (brown) texture from the hotkey bar background.
Blue Hasia's Player made dye mod3D-model ModMakes existing dyes more colorful.
Blue Hasia's Summer Rain mod3D-model ModLet's rain fall down in the regions of Istaria.
Blue Hasia's XXemote pack modMiscellaneous ModAdds emotes to your character.
Blue crafting iconsGUI ModAdds blue crafting icons to the game.
Colorful hoardGUI ModReplaces the hoard pictures in equipment window.
Compact Quest Window ModGUI ModCompacts the quest list so it's more overviewable.
Dayglo Wisp colors (HZConfectioner)3D-model ModColors wisps a bit more decent so you can differ them.
Dievara Theme (Tranquility Guild)GUI ModAn alternative theme (orange) for your istaria interface.
Dragon Lair: Completed lair mod3D-model ModLet's your lair look as if it were completed already.
Dragon: Alternative colors3D-model ModHead and stripe modifications for dragons.
Dragon: Ancient to Hatchling3D-model ModLets your ancient dragon look like a hatchling
Dragon: Artermus better spikes mod3D-model ModAdds shiny spikes to your dragon.
Dragon: Artermus high resolution breath attacks mod3D-model ModBeautifies dragon breaths by adding a better resolution to their effects.
Dragon: Blight mod by Kaex3D-model ModKaex' modifications to look like a blighted dragon.
Dragon: Blue Hasia's Dragon Armor 2.1 mod3D-model ModModifies the look and feel of your dragon.
Dragon: Cobals white teeth and horns mod3D-model ModWhite teeth and horns for your dragon
Dragon: Hatchling to Ancient3D-model ModLets your hatchling dragon look like an ancient
Dragon: High resolution finhead mod3D-model ModAdds high resolution finheads to dragon models.
Dragon: Kryodrache's A New Sound: Dragon Voices modAudio ModThree sets of dragon sounds.
Dragon: Mane mod3D-model ModAdds manes to dragon models.
Dragon: Racktor's Black Lairs V2 mod3D-model ModColors your Lair in a dark obsidian style.
Dragon: Racktor's Far Shadows mod3D-model ModAdds realistic far shadows while you are flying.
Dragon: Racktor's Real Shadows mod3D-model ModEnhances your dragon's shadows to be more realistic.
Dragon: Racktor's Ripped Wings mod3D-model ModChanges your dragon's wings into ripped ones.
Dragon: Racktor's furred stomach mod3D-model ModAdds a furry stomach to your dragon.
Dragon: Racktor's underwing mod3D-model ModUse your melee stances to change your underwing colors.
Dragon: Soraii's HiRez textures V2 mod3D-model ModHigh resolution pack for dragon models.
Dragon: Terreflare's mod 2.03D-model ModTerreflare's personal 'coat' for your personal use.
Dragon: Zaren's flight animation mod3D-model ModAlternates the flying animations for your dragon.
Dynamic Dragon Footstep SoundsAudio ModA complete overhaul of dragon footstep sounds that reacts to the terrain you're walking on!
Enhanced Notification Sound ModAudio ModA Clear, Crisp and Improved Notification sound that overrides the default ping when you are privately messaged.
Firey Rift Dragons mod3D-model ModDragon mod to be able to see the Fiery Rift dragons better.
Glowing Eyes and Belly Scales3D-model ModProvides dragons with a few color variants of glowing eyes and belly plates!
Granny viewer3rd party toolView .gr2 model files of istaria. Apply textures to them.
Guaran's original ancient size and model mod3D-model ModModifies your dragon's look to the original ancient size.
Horizons Crafting Calculator3rd party toolA very mighty crafting tool, provides selecting, planning and skilling for crafting
Istaria Companion3rd party toolIstaria log file parser and Lexica wiki help tool
Istariareference Map PackGUI ModEnhances the ingame map with thousands of points of interests
Istariareference Map Pack - high resolution patchesGUI ModAdds high resolution versions to the ingame maps
Lava mod3D-model ModImproves the look of lava, especially around Dralk
Miiradiated Tattoos3D-model ModA mod that makes Champion/Phoenix Headscale Tech-Kits have a dyeable tatoo and paint marking mod
Miiradiated Water Mod3D-model ModHD mod for Istaria's water animation
More chat tabs modGUI ModEnhances the chat window to 20 tabs.
Old sky textures mod3D-model Mod
Pebble Pond mod3D-model ModShows a pond's ground with pebbles, rocks, and dirt.
Priceless Scales Mod3D-model ModPlaces visual dragon scale armor models on dragon character upon equipping Priceless Scales.
Product Calculator3rd party toolCalculates craftable products for you, according to wiki information.
Quest Tree3rd party toolDetermines the required and followup quests you need to do for a given quest.
Rating and Trophy Calculator3rd party toolInteractive calculator script for determining your character's rating and needed trophies
Satturn's No More Haze mod3D-model ModRemoves haze on blighted zones.
Shian's portal colors mod3D-model ModEnables you to change the color of portals.
SuHuz's User InterfaceGUI ModA nice user interface layout
Subtle Wisp colors (HZConfectioner)3D-model ModColors wisps a bit more subtle.
Tramsan's Fancy Schmancy mod3D-model ModAdds alot of trashy stuff on your unbuilt plot ground.
Tramsan's Greenery Side of Things mod3D-model ModAdds various plants to your plot's unbuilt ground
Tramsan's Simple Style mod3D-model ModAdds flags to your plot, or empties it completely.
Valornyx's Icon ProjectGUI ModAdds alot of new icons to the game client.
Winter in Istaria mod3D-model ModIstaria landmarks appear as if winter has made its entrance.
Xoshara's Dragon Lair Tapestries3D-model ModA few sets of tapestries for dragon lairs.
Zexoin's and Firebrand's Sound Emotes PackAudio ModA broad soundset for emotes.