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NOTE: Since the Combat overhaul, IC's DPS Parser isn't totally consistent. It lacks recording critical and glancing hits. IC will be updated as soon as possible!

Welcome to the Istaria Companion Documentation page.

Istaria Companion is basically a log file parser for Istaria - Chronicles of the Gifted. It offers you some nice features delivering information about your play style and contains useful tools to make life easier in Istaria and Istaria Lexica.

  • What does it do?
    • It reads your local install's log file (/logs/client_chat_log_xx-xx-xx_xx_xx_xx.txt)
    • It reads your local ClientLookups file (/resources/ClientLookups.def)
    • It reads some or all files from your installation folder when doing a backup
  • What does it NOT?
    • It cannot manipulate your Istaria installation files in any way (is against Code of Conduct)
    • It cannot make changes ingame in any way (is against Code of Conduct)
    • Windows SmartScreen reports an unsecure app and blocks the installer by default. That doesn't mean it's malicious software, Microsoft just wants you to believe that. It does NOT install any malware, spyware, freeware or bloatware. I'll never ever add such trash to my software.

Please read the 'getting started' section carefully!



Istaria Companion only works with 64bit systems. You'll need at least Windows 7 installed to be able to run it.

NOTE: If your security software tells you there's a security issue, don't panic! Usually they only detect that the executable file has no signature in it. Signatures cost money. I don't pay just for security software to be happy with me. If you want to ensure the file is clean, please visit and let the file/URL be tested there.
NOTE:For Chrome and Opera browsers: you'll need to right click the link and choose 'save as'.
Download: Istaria Companion V 1.5.2

Getting started / Installing[edit]

NOTE: If you want to update Istaria Companion, ensure all Companions are closed prior to starting the installation procedure.

NOTE: If you're running a second Companion on your computer, the update feature added in version 1.4.0 and above won't work on the second install. You'll need to copy the first install manually into the second install, please follow this guide to do so.

  1. After downloading, start the install program.
    Security software may warn about a possible threat. This is a false warning.
  2. User Account Control may ask you if you want to allow the execution, please confirm by pressing 'Yes'.
  3. Accept the license agreement, press 'Next'.
  4. On the following dialog you won't need to change the directory in most cases. DO NOT choose Istaria's directory there! Press next when done. (This dialog is not shown when you upgrade an already existing version)
    Choose Directory Dialog.jpg
  5. If you want it to, let the installer create a shortcut onto your Desktop, leave the checkbox checked in that case. Press 'Next'.
  6. Press 'Install'.
  7. Press 'Finish'.
  8. Start the Program for the first time. If the program fails to start and shows an error, please read here...
    First Start.jpg
  9. Companion asks you to choose the Istaria installation folder. Press 'Choose..' and browse to the folder you've installed Istaria into. Usually this is at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Istaria
  10. Confirm by pressing the 'OK' button.
  11. Companion now starts and begins parsing your Istaria log file
  12. Start Istaria and log in
  13. Open the options window
  14. Select the 'Advanced' folder
  15. check the 'Chat Logging' and 'Simple Combat Feedback' options. This enables the chat text log file and abbreviates your combat messages in chat, which the parser requires to be able to work correctly.
  16. Confirm by pressing the 'OK' button
  17. Now Istaria Companion should work fine.

Features and guides / details about functions[edit]

Version history / Release notes[edit]

Istaria Companion V 1.5.2 (06/13/2022)


  • AbilitySpy: Copying abilities to clipboard now adds wiki links to the abilities
  • Backup: The 'Full Backup' feature now excludes cache files. This reduces the backup's file size drastically, and the backup is finished much faster.
  • Backup: The Backup feature now shows the final file size of the backup file for reference
  • DPS Parser: The attacker details now show the number of hits done (Thanks, Altarus)
  • SipSpy: When SipSpy is opened, the search field is now autoselected and focused whenever it isn't empty.
  • Updated Java to version 17
  • The Eclipse RCP framework has been upgraded (4.23.0)


  • Fixed a problem where a canceled backup ended up in a faulty exception error.
  • Fixed a bug where the backup feature's 'open file' dialog fails with a 'file does not exist' error.
Istaria Companion V 1.5.1 (12/15/2020)


  • CharTrack: The search feature is not anymore case sensitive
  • CharTrack: You can now add your personal notes to each of the characters
  • CharTrack: You can now edit character names, either by the toolbar, the dropdown menu, or via doubleclick on a character in the tables
Istaria Companion V 1.5.0 (10/13/2020)

New Feature:

  • CharTrack let's you enter every char of your friends to keep track of them. The list is searchable, too.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.11 (08/03/2020)


  • Fixed a bug where closing the Preferences dialog caused the Program title suffix to be reset. Setting it up again should keep it permanently now.

New Feature:

  • Companion can now start Istaria automatically. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it there's a new checkbox in the Preferences.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.10 (06/20/2020)


  • DPS Parser: Fixed a Nullpointer Exception occuring sometimes when you tried to clear the attacker table.
  • DPS Parser: Fixed a problem where the program would freeze when you tried clearing the attacker table while parsing was in progress.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.9 (06/16/2020)


  • DPS Parser: Added a 'clear all targets' button
  • DPS Parser: Switched the Total and DPS columns on the attackers table
  • DPS Parser: 'Copy DPS to clipboard' now enlists the top players by total damage done, instead of dps.
  • Backup feature: When doing the preferences backup, you can now select which folders are to be included (handle with care!)
Istaria Companion V 1.4.8 (05/23/2020)


  • Fixed another problem on DPS Parser where it won't set certain targets as 'killed'
  • If you wanted to insert a fight with numerous players using 'copy DPS to clipboard', you possibly were not able to. Since Istaria's paste feature is limited to a maximum of 400 characters, Companion now abbreviates too long results.


  • DPS Parser: Added a total damage column to the attacker table
  • DPS Parser: The 'copy DPS to clipboard' button now also copies the total damage done of each player
  • DPS Parser: The 'Attacker details' box now tells you about damage done for each damage type (Slash, Crush, Flame, etc.)
Istaria Companion V 1.4.7 (04/23/2020)


  • When changing the Istaria install directory in the preferences, DPS parser now really starts to parse the new log file.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple log file readers happened to run at the same time. This caused weird figures in LootPing when you monitored resource gathering. However keep in mind that there is a bug in Istaria which logs out more resources gained than you really did. Therefore LootPing may be a bit off of what you really gathered.
  • The Istaria log file parser will now start immediately after program launch, rather than to wait for the GUI to load.


  • Updated the updater (lol!) to support https connections and redirects. This is a preparation for future use.
  • DPS Parser: Added an 'Attacker details' box in which you can see more details about a selected attacker, such like max hit, min hit, total damage, etc.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.6 (03/30/2020)


  • DPS Parser: Added a new column 'Last hit', which is the default sorting column of the table aswell.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.5 (03/23/2020)


  • Fixed a problem in DPS parser, where creatures were not flagged as killed and proceeded recording DPS, even after they were gone.


  • LootPing now has a console output, enlisting the last 50 looted/gathered items in detail.
  • All tables can now be sorted. Just click the column of a table to sort it ascending/descending.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.4 (03/10/2020)


  • QuestSpy: Fixed an error where certain quests threw an error when you selected them in the list.


  • SipSpy now shows details about a selected entry. Don't worry: a few lines contain weird stuff, that is normal.
  • Refactored the self-updater so it is more flexible for future use.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.3 (02/22/2020)


  • LootPing: The count / target spinners in the details dialog should no more throw errors when entering non-digits.
  • When starting Companion for the first time, and you've tried to choose your Istaria install directory, Companion would sometimes not accept the correct folder. This has been fixed.
  • Istaria Companion will now check if the Istaria install directory is still there after startup. If not, it will mention that and offer to fix the issue.


  • The backup feature now talks a bit more about details while working.
  • Added dropdown (right-click) menus to each of the features.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.2 (02/11/2020)

If you reset LootPing item-counters, they were not stored. So after starting Companion again you'd see the old values. This has been fixed.

Istaria Companion V 1.4.1 (02/11/2020)

Enhancements / Fixes:

  • LootPing: Added two new buttons: 'Clear counter' for a selected item and 'Clear all counters'.
  • Fixed some bugs where dialogs (Welcome dialog, backup dialog and others..) did not format themselves to fit with their contents. That happened when you configured Microsoft Windows to use bigger fonts (upscaling).
  • The backup feature now informs you when the backup was successful.
  • Added a failure message incase the backup zip file exceeds the target location's storage capability or any other error happens.
Istaria Companion V 1.4.0 (02/07/2020)

New Features:

  • Istaria Companion is now capable to update itself. It will automatically check for updates right after starting the program.
  • A backup feature has been added. You can now automatically backup the whole Istaria installation or just your preferences.


  • LootPing and QuestSpy now support pressing the DEL key to delete an entry.
  • QuestSpy: When editing a quest's name, the quest's details were not updated correctly. This has been fixed.
  • SipSpy: Added 'Copy to clipboard', 'Copy to QuestSpy', 'Copy to LootPing' and 'Search in Wiki' buttons.
  • About Dialog: Changed the date format to the international standard format.
Istaria Companion V 1.3.0 (01/17/2020)

New Feature:

  • A new feature SipSpy has been added, which also replaces the 'Search and copy SIP to clipboard' in tools menu. SipSpy lets you search for certain entities, such like quests, abilities, items, formulas, etc. to be able to copy a /sip command into your game's chat. Firing it up opens up a details dialog for you. Read more here.
Istaria Companion V 1.2.3 (01/14/2020)
  • Fixed a bug where AbilitySpy doesn't add the damage type when you instantly killed a creature.


  • Added 'copy /sip' buttons to AbilitySpy, LootPing and QuestSpy. For example, you could select an ability in AbilitSpy and execute the /sip command in the game to find out what the ability does. There's also a new menu entry under 'Tools' where you can manually add a search phrase, that's for example useful on quests not yet shown in QuestSpy.
Istaria Companion V 1.2.2 (12/29/2019)
  • Fixed a bug where LootPing bugged the entire GUI after removing all items from the list and restarting the tool.
Istaria Companion V 1.2.1 (12/22/2019)
  • LootPing now wraps it's text and table accordingly when changing the window's width.
  • LootPing can be limited on playing a sound now, when an item's target amount is reached.
  • Fixed a problem with the 'search in wiki' buttons, where a new selection in tables won't update the button's functionality.
  • QuestSpy doesn't add 'icon_xxx' lines to the quest steps anymore.
  • QuestSpy now sorts the quest steps correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where, after switching Companion's working directory, QuestSpy still extracted quest details from the old working directory.
  • Tweaked most of the tables so they won't add a horizontal scrollbar if not urgently necessary.
  • Improved the look-and-feel by adding icons to buttons and menu entries.
  • Fixed 'something' in the Audioplayer so hopefully less RAM is used.
Istaria Companion V 1.2.0 (12/08/2019)
New Feature:
  • QuestSpy - collects all quests you do accept and enlists details about it.

LootPing update:
LootPing now supports gathering messages aswell. For example, if you want to be informed when gathering special resources. Comes in very handy when fishing (Squid etc.).


  • More code refactoring and optimisations.
  • Fixed some bug where the 'Search in wiki' options opened wrong search phrases.
Istaria Companion V 1.1.0
New Features:
  • AbilitySpy - collects all used abilities and their users.

LootPing update:
You can add target amounts for each item now. LootPing will play a special sound when you reached your item's target amount. You can choose different sounds in the Preferences.

Some minor fixes, code refactoring and optimisations.

Istaria Companion V 1.0.0
First release.

New Features:

  • DPS Parser - Parses damage per seconds on fights.
  • LootPing - plays sounds when looting certain items.
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