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Quests are given out by NPCs throughout the world. Some of them give experience rewards for craft schools or adventure schools, others may reward you with items, abilities or other useful things.


This page provides links to lists of quests in Istaria. For quests specific to schools (such as Warrior) or locations (such as Kion), visit their respective pages. Each quest provides information on where/who to get the quest from, the steps required to complete the quest, and the rewards (if any).

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Complete quest lists[edit]

Please visit the Complete Quest List article.

Quests by type[edit]

Quests by level / tier[edit]

Quest types[edit]


Adventure quests involve performing tasks for a specific adventuring school or doing tasks in need of fights. Most times they are rewarded by adventure experience and money.

Trophy hunter[edit]

Trophy Hunter quests are a subset of adventure quests. They are based on level ranges and be obtained from trophy hunters in cities. They require you to collect (either through buying or looting from creatures) trophies off certain enemies. The quests lead you to enemies which are always in a proper level range to your current adventure level.

Town Marshall[edit]

Town Marshall quests involve quests given by Town Marshalls in cities. Like trophy hunter quests, the town marshalls offer quests in your current adventure level, which involve killing a certain number of creatures for a monetary reward. Town marshalls and trophy hunters are standing near each other and offer you the same type of 'killing tasks' most of the time, so you are able to combine the quests for each run.

Not all quests given by town marshalls are considered 'Town Marshall' quests; some offer quests apart from their normal level-range based quests, which are much like other random quests offered all over Istaria.


Attunement quests are given out by gatekeepers. Finishing a quest unlocks a certain destination pad so you can teleport there.


Crafting quests involve gathering resources, crafting items or performing tasks for a specific crafting school. This quest type is generally safer than adventuring quests but sometime the two are combined into a single quest.


Errand quests are 'run quests'. They involve speaking to people, perform small tasks such as buying an item and then giving it to someone, or bringing items from one person to another.


Lore quests do not give experience or require much action on the part of a player. This involves speaking with individuals and gaining more knowledge of the backgrounds of Istaria.


Quest having no special purpose.


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