(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Ceremony Wands

From Istaria Lexica

Quest type: Adventure
From NPC(s): Valturan Matirion
Required adventure school: Any (level: 70)
Locations: Lost Lake
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Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Willow Wand, Holly Wand, Hemlock Wand, Ebony Wand, Birch Wand

Valturan needs you to recover some artifacts used for the Ceremony of Aubadrine.

Quest text[edit]

One of the most memorable feats of the Gifted was the return of the Dryad to the Prime after their exile in the Realm of Nature. This was achieved by performing the Ceremony of Aubadrine in 20 A.R..

The ritual itself needed to be prepared carefully. It required a number of components, which had to be incorporated into a special set of spells in a very specific way. The Gifted needed to give each item to the right Arboreal Warden then he could perform his part of the Ceremony.

However, if Dryads left some instructions to call them back, details on how the components had to be combined were missing and the Gifted had no clue to which Warden they had to give each item, so it was a labor of trial and errors to find the right combination. When the combination was wrong, all the items were tossed on Aubadrine and the Gifted had to try again from the beginning until they succeeded.

There were three sets of items: wands, scrolls and spells. Scrolls and spells must have been destroyed with time, but I believe some wands can still be found on Aubadrine. I need you to find them.

Go to the Tower of Nature in the Western Deadlands, cross the Bridge of Hues and look for these wands on Aubadrine. Search everywhere you can on the ground, but the magical power of these wands may still be strong and it could have attracted local creatures.

Yes, I still can feel the power of Nature in these wands. It is a privilege to hold these pieces of history in my hands. Thank you, <player>, you deserve a reward.


  • Listen to Valturan
  • Go to Aubadrine: find the Tower of Nature in the Western Deadlands then cross the Bridge of Hues
  • Find a Willow Wand
    • 18663/26402(map), between the mushrooms
  • Find a Holly Wand
    • 18611/26484(map), in the water
  • Find a Hemlock Wand
    • 18814/26486(map), near the tree and the mushrooms
  • Find an Ebony Wand
    • Looted off the wisps
  • Find a Birch Wand
    • Looted off the wisps
  • Return to Valturan Matirion at the Lost Lake with the wands

Target mobs[edit]