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Food in Istaria is a consumable created by Confectioners. It is used to reduce death penalties. For Gifteds, death becomes a mere inconvenience, as the more times you die, the more penalties you receive. Eating food in taverns reduces the time you are influenced from death points. Some food does also increase statistics.


For food formulas, please visit Food Formulas.

Deathpoint reducing food[edit]

When eating these food types, the fade time on Death Points is reduced. Using them near Tavernkeepers increases the effectiveness. Each type of food shares their cooldown timers, so, for example, you won't be able to eat another dessert right after you've already consumed one. Combine all four food types to reduce your death points as fast as possible.


NameFade timeTierMin LevelMax Level
Appetizer: Istarian Salad01:00:001Level (20)
Appetizer: Tossed Salad01:00:001Level (20)
Rare Appetizer: Sugared Dates01:00:001Level (20)
Appetizer: Anthas Root Tea01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Appetizer: Boiled Shrimp01:00:002Level (20)
Appetizer: Clam Chowder01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Appetizer: Potato Soup01:00:002Level (20)
Appetizer: Spicy Chicken Soup01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Appetizer: Spicy Fish Stew01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Appetizer: Spicy Venison Soup01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Rare Appetizer: Wind Dancer's Pickled Eggs01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Appetizer: Barley Soup02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Appetizer: Cheesy Puffs02:30:003Rating (61)Level (80)
Appetizer: Chicken Caesar Salad02:30:003Rating (61)Level (80)
Appetizer: Chicken Noodle Soup02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Appetizer: Crispy Chicken Fingers02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Appetizer: Eel-Stuffed Mushrooms02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Appetizer: Hot-n-Spicy Beef Soup02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Appetizer: Lobster Bisque02:30:003Rating (61)Level (80)
Appetizer: Toasted Jade Ear02:05:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Appetizer: Scorpion Stinger Casserole01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Appetizer: Wake-up Juice02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Appetizer: Corn Chowder02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Appetizer: Cream of Chicken Soup02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Appetizer: Rye Bread02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Appetizer: B'stella Kion02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Appetizer: Chef Salad03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Appetizer: Gazpacho Soup03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Appetizer: Potato Skins03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Appetizer: Thick & Hearty Corn Soup03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Rare Appetizer: Zezezar's Sweet Corncakes03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Appetizer: Antipasto Salad03:30:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Appetizer: Eggs Aughundell03:30:006Rating (101)Level (120)
Appetizer: Granny Nuffle's Pumpkin Soup03:30:006Rating (101)Level (120)
Appetizer: Hot and Sour Soup03:30:006Rating (101)Level (120)
Appetizer: Kion Salad Plate03:30:006Rating (101)Level (120)
Exotic Appetizer: Krisstelle's Sea'esta Salad03:30:006Rating (101)Level (120)

Main Dishes[edit]

NameFade timeTierMin LevelMax Level
Main: Beef Pie01:20:001Level (20)
Main: Blackened Gruok Steak01:20:001Level (20)
Main: Blackened Minnow01:20:001Level (20)
Main: Chicken Pie01:20:001Level (20)
Main: Roast Beef01:20:001Level (20)
Main: Roast Chicken01:20:001Level (20)
Rare Main: Ariadni's Gruok Sausage01:20:001Level (20)
Main: Alis' Squirrel Stew02:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Main: Beef Hash Pie02:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Main: Breaded Chicken02:00:002Level (20)
Main: Fried Chicken02:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Main: Marinated Mushrooms02:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Main: Peppered Beef & Rice02:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Main: Venison Hash Pie02:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Rare Main: Deth's Roasted Gruok02:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Main: Baked Bass02:40:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Main: Barley Chicken Casserole02:40:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Main: Braised Roast Venison02:40:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Main: Granny Nuffle's Quiche02:40:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Main: Grilled Jade Flank02:50:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Main: Spicy Venison Steak02:40:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Main: Wild Sea Bass02:40:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Main: Charred Flank "Welger Style"02:55:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Main: Diput's Flamin' Eels02:40:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Main Dish: Ssilgoth's Stew03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Main: Baked Squirrel Pie02:00:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Main: Beef Shepherd Pie03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Main: Glazed Roast Chicken03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Main: Glazed Roast Venison03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Main: Seared Arbotus Flank03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Main: Seared Grilled Trout03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Main: Diput's Dwarf Bread03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Main: Diput's Stone Squirrel Soup03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Main: Kakashi's Swordfish02:40:004Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Main: Nellie's Urchin Linguini03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Main: Shali's Pan Seared Trout03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Main: Shalindra's Lamb Stew03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Main: Wind Dancer's Chicken Salad03:20:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Main: Blackhammer's Fish Fry24:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Main: Burgundy Beef Pie04:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Main: Burgundy Chicken Pie04:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Main: Cheesy Mutton & Potato Pie04:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Main: Lasagna04:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Main: Pan-Seared Red Snapper04:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Rare Main: Kitten Dreams04:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Exotic Main Dish: Krisstelle's Shoreline Coconut Crab04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Main: Beef Kirasanct04:40:006Rating (101)Level (120)
Main: Chicken Supreme04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Main: Chicken Tagine04:40:006Rating (101)Level (120)
Main: Gruok Mole04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Main: Surf and Turf04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Rare Main: Bitterroot Stew04:40:006Rating (101)Level (120)
Rare Main: Ishalin's Wild Gruok Stew04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Rare Main: Jayne's Paincakes04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Rare Main: Kakashi's Jugged Squirrel04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Rare Main: Weston's Jambalaya04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Rare Main: Wind Dancer's Halibut with Mixed Veggies04:40:006Rating (100)Level (120)


NameFade timeTierMin LevelMax Level
Rare Side: Anima's Crystallized Ginger01:00:001Level (20)
Rare Side: Senk's Salty Pretzels01:00:001Level (20)
Side: Buttered Rice01:00:001Level (20)
Side: Buttermilk Biscuits01:00:001Level (20)
Side: Chips01:00:001Level (20)
Side: Meatballs01:00:001Level (20)
Side: Stuffed Pepper01:00:001Level (20)
Side: Baked Potato01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Side: Fried Rice01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Side: Mashed Potatoes01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Side: Salad01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Side: Shrimp Salad01:20:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Side: Tomato Salad01:30:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Side: Baked Corn Casserole02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Side: Baked Mushrooms02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Side: Macaroni and Cheese02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Side: Potatoes Au Gratin02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Side: Seafood Paella02:00:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Side: Ani's Pumarific Pizza Rolls02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Side: Dwarf Bread Dippin' Sauce02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Side: Moirainia's Crab Cakes02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Side: Zeevie's Herb Jelly02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Side: Carrot Souffle02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Side: Loaded Baked Potato02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Side: Potato Salad02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Side: Stuffed Stonespore02:30:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Side: Broiled Mackerel03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Side: Chicken Side Salad03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Side: Mutton Stuffing03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Side: Seafood Salad03:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Exotic Side: Krisstelle's Avocado Lobster Chowder03:30:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Side: Feladanian Ratatouille03:30:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Side: Gnomish Pot Pie03:30:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Side: Lobster Roll03:30:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Side: Smoked Gruok Fried Rice03:30:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Side: Spaghetti a la Carbonara03:30:006Rating (100)Level (120)


NameFade timeTierMin LevelMax Level
Dessert: Sugared Strawberries00:40:001Level (20)
Rare Dessert: Sslanisian Chocolate Fudge00:40:001Level (20)
Dessert: Applesauce01:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Dessert: Berries Jubilee01:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Dessert: Blackberry Cobbler01:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Dessert: Strawberry Crepe01:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Dessert: Sugared Apples00:40:002Level (20)
Dessert: Sugared Cranberries00:40:002Level (20)
Dessert: Sugared Pears00:40:002Level (20)
Dessert: Vanilla Pudding00:40:002Level (20)
Rare Dessert: Azraiel's Rice Pudding01:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Rare Dessert: Rippin' Raspberry Ruxus01:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Rare Dessert: Shalindra's Rock Candy01:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Rare Dessert: Stoneroot Ice Cream01:00:002Rating (21)Level (40)
Dessert: Banana Split01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Dessert: Cinnamon Bread01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Dessert: Granny Nuffle's Famous Scones01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Dessert: Granny Nuffle's Shortbread01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Dessert: Fiendish Funnel Cake01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Dessert: Kephren's Fine Fudge01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Rare Dessert: Vandellia's Gnomian Taffy Treats01:20:003Rating (41)Level (60)
Dessert: Apple Cobbler01:40:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Dessert: Blueberry Muffin01:40:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Dessert: Fruit Medley01:40:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Dessert: Lemon Cookies01:40:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Dessert: Anima's Blueberry Fennel Cake01:40:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Rare Dessert: Kakashi's Truffles01:40:004Rating (61)Level (80)
Dessert: Apple Pie02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Apricot Fruitcake02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Banana Cream Pie02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Banana Nut Bread02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Blueberry Scones02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Chocolate Cheesecake02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Chocolate-Chip Cookies02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Pumpkin Bread02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Quinoa Pudding02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Salt Water Taffy02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Millie's Apple Pie24:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Rare Dessert: Bananas Kakashi02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Rare Dessert: Elvish Delight02:24:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Rare Dessert: Melt In Your Mouth Cinnamon Buns02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Rare Dessert: Snap Dragon02:00:005Rating (81)Level (100)
Dessert: Berry Tart02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Dessert: Chocolate Mousse02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Dessert: Fruit B'stella02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Dessert: Maple Fudge02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Dessert: Pumpkin Cheesecake02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Exotic Dessert: Krisstelle's Coconut Lava Flow02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Festival: Krisstelle's Banana-Berry Smoothie04:00:006Rating (81)Level (100)
Rare Dessert: Cherute's Special Deadly Nightcap02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Rare Dessert: Frontier Fruit Medley02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)
Rare Dessert: Grantherum's Strawberry Ice Cream02:20:006Rating (100)Level (120)

Food giving stats[edit]

These food types give statistical benefits to your character.

Ambrosia of the GodsEffect: Divine Restoration
Effect: Zeal of the Gods
Effect: Holy Zeal!
Beef Pasty+10 Strength
Boiled Pincer15% chance Attacker Effect: Moderate Poison

85% chance Attacker Effect: Moderate Poison Immunity
Bottle of Red WineGives a graphical effect
Bottle of White WineGives a graphical effect
Bread Bowl+10 Power
Candied Apple+10 to +15 Dexterity
+5 to +15 Evasion
Candied Carrots+10 Dexterity
Caramel Apple+5 Arcane Resistance
Caramelized Wolf Ears+15 Strength
Charred Flank+250 Health
+75 Strength
+75 Power
Chocolate Gruok TailHeals 5 - 10 every 30 seconds
Chocolate Mouse+25 to +50 Evasion
Chocolate Spider+50 to +150 Strength
5 - 15 blight damage
Corn on the Cob+10 Focus
Cotton Candy+10 Speed
+10 Fly Speed
Cup of Lavender Infused Gyokuro TeaQuenched By Tea
Cup of Lemon Infused Gyokuro TeaQuenched By Tea
Cup of Mint Infused Sencha TeaQuenched By Tea
Cup of Rice Infused Sencha TeaQuenched By Tea
Date Bars+15 Health
Draconic Celebration Cakecreates Slices of Draconic Celebration Cake
Granny Nuffle's Festival Cookies+50 to +75 Power
+50 to +75 Focus
Granny Nuffle's Festival PunchHeals 15 - 25 all 10 seconds
Gruok Wurst+50 Health
Gummy MaggotModifies delay by -25%
Hamburger on a Roll+5 Strength
Hot Dog on a Roll+5 Power
Iced Cream Cone+5 Dexterity
Iced Tea+5 Focus
Killian's Wolf MuffinsA special Treat used to befriending wolves.
Knut's Fire Whiskey130% Base Strength
70% base Dexterity
70% base Speed
70% base Walk Speed
70% base Fly Speed
Mrs. Clause's Gingerbread Gnome+10 Strength
Mrs. Clause's Special Hot Cocoa+15 Dexterity
Oastic AppleHeals 5 - 8 each 15 seconds
Poached Redden EggRedden Immunity
Pumpkin Pie+25 to +50 Health
Skewered Maggot Chews+5 Power
Slice of Draconic Celebration Cakegives a graphical effect
Spun Sugar+5 Speed
+5 Fly Speed
Stew of TearsTears Immunity

Food having graphical effects[edit]

These food types give you a temporary graphical effect to your character


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